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authorCarlos Garcia Campos <carlosgc@gnome.org>2010-05-22 08:34:12 (GMT)
committer Carlos Garcia Campos <carlosgc@gnome.org>2010-05-22 08:38:05 (GMT)
commitc71cb3c049f191734d90cd144cd5ec8920c02abe (patch)
tree152d9ef2368814d0cd9a8f1f7862d95eaac18cfd /po
parent985f7016929bae86f89e63fc2b7b56145fbd0382 (diff)
[shell] Do not use the gconf gsettings backend any more
- rename keys to follow gsettings name restrictions (s/_/-/) - remove the hardcoding of the gconf backend - use new gsettings macros as they have changed in glib 2.25.6 Based on patch by Matthias Clasen, see bug #619335.
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