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authorOwen Taylor <otaylor@redhat.com>2004-12-21 21:47:36 (GMT)
committer Owen Taylor <otaylor@src.gnome.org>2004-12-21 21:47:36 (GMT)
commit179af30116fcee661c68d64885f4a6fe6c0cd679 (patch)
tree65b210e70cd8268f3f02b72660ced35c25bb6107 /shell/Makefile.am
parent496dac3760529669c8d4fa2e32e1797b092e7632 (diff)
Import of xpdf code from gpdf.
Tue Dec 21 16:30:58 2004 Owen Taylor <otaylor@redhat.com> * pdf/**: Import of xpdf code from gpdf. * pdf/xpdf/xpdfconfig.h: Move the non-config.h config.h to xpdfconfig.h * pdf/splash/SplashFTFont.{cc,h} pdf/splash/SplashFTFont.h pdf/splash/SplashFTFontEngine.h pdf/splash/SplashFTFontFile.h: Fix FreeType includes. * pdf/xpdf/{Error.h GnomeVFSStream.cc ImageOutputDev.cc PDFDoc.cc\ pdffonts.cc pdfimages.cc pdfinfo.cc pdftoppm.cc pdftops.cc pdftotext.cc PSOutputDev.cc PSOutputDev.h SplashOutputDev.h Stream.cc TextOutputDev.cc XPDFApp.cc xpdf.cc XPDFViewer.cc pdf/xpdf/Error.h PSOutputDev.h SplashOutputDev.h}: Include xpdfconfig.h
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