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path: root/help/reference
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* [build] Rename DATADIR with EVINCEDATADIRHib Eris2010-07-263-3/+3
* [doc] Fix shell api docs buildCarlos Garcia Campos2010-05-251-11/+5
* [doc] Fix build with gtk-doc enabledCarlos Garcia Campos2010-05-041-3/+2
* [doc] Fix a typoCarlos Garcia Campos2010-03-013-3/+3
* [help] Remove libmisc sources from GLOB to make distcheck passCarlos Garcia Campos2010-02-221-5/+2
* [docs] Modernise API docsChristian Persch2010-02-0416-339/+2350
* [libview] Split EvPixbufCache into dynamic and static dataCarlos Garcia Campos2009-12-091-1/+1
* [build] Fix build with --enable-gtk-docCarlos Garcia Campos2009-10-261-2/+7
* [build] Remove gitignore files from gitChristian Persch2009-10-254-154/+0
* [build] Include git.mk in all MakefilesChristian Persch2009-10-224-1/+8
* [build] Automatically keep .gitignore files updatedChristian Persch2009-10-214-0/+154
* Fix docs buildChristian Persch2009-10-201-1/+0
* Improve wording on reference docs front pageWouter Bolsterlee2009-10-061-33/+27
* [build] Fixes reference docs buildNickolay V. Shmyrev2009-06-152-2/+2
* Fix docs build when srcdir != builddirChristian Persch2009-06-113-0/+9
* [docs] Fixes documentation buildNickolay V. Shmyrev2009-05-031-3/+4
* Fixes build && distcheckNickolay V. Shmyrev2009-02-024-39/+72
* Split API documentation into libdocument, libview and shell. RequiredCarlos Garcia Campos2009-02-0116-322/+572
* Renamed from evince-backend.pc.in. Renamed library to libevdocument.la.Christian Persch2009-01-251-2/+5
* Bug 568171 – doc build failsChristian Persch2009-01-182-1/+8
* JobPrint is removedNickolay V. Shmyrev2009-01-051-1/+0
* Documentation build fixesNickolay V. Shmyrev2008-12-012-2/+1
* Fixes documentatoin buildNickolay V. Shmyrev2008-11-051-2/+0
* Reference build fixesNickolay V. Shmyrev2008-09-012-2/+1
* added missing libevmountoperation to gtkdoc-scanobj libraries. BugFrederic Peters2008-05-191-0/+1
* Update for release 2.21.91.Nickolay V. Shmyrev2008-02-111-2/+0
* Simplify image format selection on save.Nickolay V. Shmyrev2008-01-151-1/+0
* Includes library for file format into the list, fixes gtk-doc build.James Cloos2008-01-081-0/+1
* More news fixes and little gtk-doc fixNickolay V. Shmyrev2007-12-031-0/+1
* RemovedCarlos Garcia Campos2007-10-261-7/+0
* Updated index document.Nickolay V. Shmyrev2007-01-303-26/+174
* Added subdirs to makefiles Nickolay V. Shmyrev2007-01-291-1/+1
* Added gtk-doc based documentation for Evince. Still in initial state but INickolay V. Shmyrev2007-01-295-0/+177