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path: root/libmisc
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Update FSF address everywhere.Arun Persaud2010-04-054-4/+4
* Replace GTK_WIDGET_MAPPED() with gtk_widget_get_mapped()Carlos Garcia Campos2010-03-311-1/+1
* ld] Fix compile warning about unused variableChristian Persch2010-02-031-1/+0
* Update page action when entry text changes but not current pageCarlos Garcia Campos2009-12-121-8/+6
* [build] Remove gitignore files from gitChristian Persch2009-10-251-23/+0
* [build] Include git.mk in all MakefilesChristian Persch2009-10-221-0/+2
* [build] Automatically keep .gitignore files updatedChristian Persch2009-10-211-0/+23
* build: Remove unused variable to fix a compiler warningChristian Persch2009-10-201-1/+0
* Remove EvPageCache and use EvDocumentModel insteadCarlos Garcia Campos2009-09-155-112/+108
* Move part of the EvPageCache to EvDocumentCarlos Garcia Campos2009-09-153-63/+66
* [libmisc] Move EvPageActionWidget implementation to its own classCarlos Garcia Campos2009-09-153-223/+233
* Add EV_INTLTOOL_EVINCE_BACKEND_RULEChristian Persch2009-08-161-1/+0
* [build] Add dependency on libdocument/libview for libmiscHib Eris2009-06-051-1/+6
* Move stock icons from libmisc to libview and make the API publicCarlos Garcia Campos2009-05-123-181/+1
* [build] Fixes distcheckNickolay V. Shmyrev2009-05-031-0/+2
* Move EvPageAction and EvStockIcons from shell to a new internal libraryCarlos Garcia Campos2009-04-087-0/+1037