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path: root/test
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* [build] Remove gitignore files from gitChristian Persch2009-10-251-22/+0
* [build] Include git.mk in all MakefilesChristian Persch2009-10-221-0/+2
* [build] Automatically keep .gitignore files updatedChristian Persch2009-10-211-0/+22
* [test] Disable print testsCarlos Garcia Campos2009-08-111-4/+4
* [tests] Test for printer settingsBartek Kostrzewa2009-05-303-0/+199
* Fixes the test Nickolay V. Shmyrev2009-04-151-3/+5
* Patch by Juanjo MarĂ­n <juanj.marin@juntadeandalucia.es> to fix the bugNickolay V. Shmyrev2009-04-042-1/+35
* Added a test to check printing and a size of the file.Nickolay V. Shmyrev2009-03-262-1/+31
* Fixes for the test due to gnome-keyring string changeNickolay V. Shmyrev2009-01-051-2/+2
* Test fixNickolay V. Shmyrev2009-01-051-0/+1
* Patch for case unsensitive page label match by Michael Lee. See bugNickolay V. Shmyrev2008-09-075-6/+40
* Added reload test case.Nickolay V. Shmyrev2007-02-111-0/+19
* Added reload test case.Nickolay V. Shmyrev2007-02-112-2/+2
* Added test for slow mime typeNickolay V. Shmyrev2007-02-073-2/+17
* Use source directory to find files for testNickolay V. Shmyrev2007-01-101-1/+2
* Actually remove .cvsignore filesChristian Persch2006-12-311-2/+0
* Use C locale in tests.Carlos Garcia Campos2006-12-252-2/+2
* Fight with autotools to fix make check. Make distcheck works fine as wellWouter Bolsterlee2006-12-131-2/+4
* Add cvsignore to test subdirNickolay V. Shmyrev2006-11-111-0/+2
* Re-add locale settings to test files.Wouter Bolsterlee2006-10-292-0/+6
* Cleaned up the dogtail scripts.Wouter Bolsterlee2006-10-292-19/+26
* Add automated UI tests for evince with dogtail. See bug #300948.Nickolay V. Shmyrev2006-10-235-0/+53