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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterVersion 10 Changes: GUI tweaksLive System User8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2011-10-31Version 10 Changes: GUI tweaksHEADmasterLive System User3-324/+324
2011-10-09Version 8: GUI tweaks and minor bugfixLive System User2-63/+23
2011-05-24Version 7 changes: Record Activity compatibility updated againLive System User3-12/+12
2011-05-19Version 6 changes: Record Activity compatibility updatedLive System User3-14/+16
2011-03-06Version 5 changes: Sound files tweaked and a bug fixedArt Hunkins4-3/+9
2010-12-28Change MANIFESTLive System User1-9/+11
2010-12-28Version 4 changes: ObjectChooser and Sugar-version ID reworkedLive System User3-86/+113
2010-11-27Mono or stereo for all options. User-selected soundfiles loadable from Journa...olpc user1-0/+119
2010-09-30Tweak amplitudes of sound filesolpc user4-18/+20
2010-09-24Initial commitolpc14-0/+2153