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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFixing bufs, conecting size changingDaniel Francis8 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2012-07-15Fixing bufs, conecting size changingHEADmasterDaniel Francis3-81/+47
2012-07-12Connecting and disconnecting toolbars with editors (parcially)Daniel Francis3-65/+43
2012-07-10Connecting toolbars with image editor; fixing separator bugDaniel Francis2-10/+25
2012-07-10Removing rainbow buttonDaniel Francis1-26/+0
2012-07-10Adding efects iconsDaniel Francis3-0/+494
2012-07-10Adding toolbar iconsDaniel Francis5-10/+191
2012-07-10Changing scaling palette for table, adding cell-grid-width/height iconsDaniel Francis1-9/+17
2012-07-10Using cell-size icon instead of my own scale iconDaniel Francis2-14/+1
2012-07-10Renaming activity, Paint toolbar migration startDaniel Francis4-69/+277
2012-07-08Don't show tabs in notebook, solving and leaving as pending some bugs in the ...Daniel Francis1-7/+20