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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterv54Walter Bender7 years
v54commit 285fae3225...Walter Bender7 years
v49commit 933ab3e74c...Walter Bender7 years
v47commit 7d287f8d26...Pootle daemon7 years
v46commit 16061c5cb5...Walter Bender8 years
v44commit d13de050c5...Walter Bender8 years
v45commit d2b7bc9384...Walter Bender8 years
v43commit 94cee3bdd2...Walter Bender8 years
v39commit 15b77c0bca...Walter Bender8 years
v38commit 2dd06d26d8...Walter Bender8 years
v37commit 92183f9959...Walter Bender9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-12-13v54HEADmasterWalter Bender14-550/+909
2013-07-04new iconv54Walter Bender4-397/+371
2013-07-04more tweaksWalter Bender5-217/+212
2013-07-02move config cbWalter Bender1-3/+3
2013-07-02fix problem with toolbar overflowWalter Bender2-3/+20
2013-07-02move labels to canvas; rearrange toolbars; add palette for timersWalter Bender12-103/+862
2013-07-02more tweaks in support of rotationWalter Bender3-39/+50
2013-07-01add rotation supportWalter Bender8-56/+107
2013-06-28Push many po filesPootle daemon89-8727/+8994
2013-06-28Commit from Sugar Labs: Translation System by user cjl.: 0 of 79 messages tra...Pootle daemon1-98/+101