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path: root/boardwidget.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Correct usage of cairo.Context.arcAndrés Ambrois2008-09-151-3/+4
* Mark territories at game end with pretty crosses. Update TODOAndrés Ambrois2008-09-111-1/+34
* Fix quality loss when scaling stones back and forthAndrés Ambrois2008-08-291-6/+4
* Added new v2 code.v2Andrés Ambrois2008-08-151-0/+244
* *** Cleaned master branch *** old code moved to arch/old_masterAndrés Ambrois2008-08-151-416/+0
* Fixes and additions: Scorekeeping, basic Ko, Illegal moves, messagesAndrés Ambrois2008-07-211-3/+14
* edge prisoners, any board size, new pot file, infoPanel messagesGerard J. Cerchio2007-12-231-24/+52
* Local mode on an XO worksGerard J. Cerchio2007-12-221-68/+109
* added a transparent stone graphic to indicate moveGerard J. Cerchio2007-12-111-29/+29
* adopted Kombilo's abstract board, prisoners are removedGerard J. Cerchio2007-12-111-18/+7
* The activity now works as a physical board would.Gerard J. Cerchio2007-12-111-39/+155
* Initial importGerard J. Cerchio2007-11-281-0/+231