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+.. index::
+ pair: driver; AA-lib
+ pair: platform; Unix
+.. _aa:
+AA-lib driver
+The AA driver is currently the most advanced and portable driver for XaoS. It
+is based on AAlib--a high quality ASCII-art library developed by the
+.. _`AA-project`:
+ http://aa-project.sourceforge.net/
+It is a fully featured XaoS driver for text mode displays. It supports 256
+colors and the mouse where possible.
+It also has some extended features available from the UI menu:
+ AA-lib may use character attributes to improve image quality. By default it
+ uses normal, dim and bold characters where possible, but you can also
+ enable different attributes like reversed or bold font characters. You may
+ also enable usage of non ansii/reversed characters if your device supports
+ it.
+ AA-lib uses a bitmap image of the font to prepare the approximation table
+ used for ASCII art rendering. This bitmap is expected to be same as the one
+ used by your device. AAlib performs detection where possible however some
+ devices (like UNIX text terminals or MDA) do not support this. AAlib has
+ few font images compiled in, so in this case you should try to use one of
+ them to achieve best results.
+ Some devices use inverse video: use this to get correct results on such
+ devices.
+Dithering mode
+ Dithering is an way to get more exact color in approximations, by combining
+ more characters; but this method can produce ugly looking noise on certain
+ images. Use this menu to disable or tune it.
+Palette options
+ By default AA driver uses the XaoS palette to render images, but it quite
+ often looks ugly on text displays. Here you can choose a special text
+ palette instead. Note that with filters enabled, the results may be rather
+ ugly. This function is available from the **palette menu**.
+Save text screen
+ The normal save function will generate a PNG image instead of nice
+ ASCII-art. To save ASCII art use this function instead. It supports many
+ text file formats like HTML, ANSI, more, etc... It will also ask you for
+ font and attributes(see above). It is available from the **file menu**.
+The AA-lib driver also provides the full set of standard AA-lib's command line
+options. You may use them to tune parameters like gamma correction, and so on.
+See xaos -help or the AA-lib documentation for details.
+The AA driver was written by Jan Hubicka, 1997.