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+.. _anti:
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+ pair: command line option; anti
+ pair: menu item; Antialiasing
+ pair: filter; Anitaliasing
+Antialiasing is a technique to increase image quality by eliminating jagged
+edges. XaoS calculates four values for each pixel (on the subpixel boundaries)
+and uses the average of them for the pixel value.
+This filter slows XaoS down a **lot** and greatly increases memory
+requirements. It is useful mainly when you want to save images and want to make
+them look as nice as possible. Antialiasing also helps a lot when you want to
+encode JPEG or MPEG files; they are much shorter if antialiased (MPEG and JPEG
+hate jagged edges).
+:ref:`More information about filters <filter>`
+**Available as**: menu item, command line option