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+.. _bailout:
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+ pair: menu item; Bailout
+ pair: command line option; bailout
+ pair: command; bailout
+Bailout is the value which is checked for each point of the orbit if the point
+is far enough from the complex zero point in the current iteration. If the
+point is far enough, then the iteration immediately stops and the starting
+point on the screen will be painted with a given colour, depending on the
+fractal type and many other settings.
+For the :ref:`Mandelbrot set <mandel>` this value is 4. Other fractal types
+usually have the same bailout value. For most fractals many bailout values give
+more or less similar output. E.g., for the second order Mandelbrot set one can
+prove that the sequence \|z\| (z:=z^2+c) tends to infinity if and only if \|z\|>2
+for some element z of this sequence. In XaoS program, Bailout value is the
+square of this 2, i.e. you can change this to any value greater than 2 for
+similar results.
+Other fractal types may use other bailout values. The default is 4 for each
+**Available as**: menu item, command line option, command
+**Syntax**:(bailout float)