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+.. _speed:
+.. _speedup:
+.. _maxstep:
+.. index::
+ pair: menu item; Zooming speed
+ pair: command line option; speed
+ pair: command; speed
+ pair: command; maxstep
+ pair: command; speedup
+Zooming speed
+**Syntax**:(speed float)
+Change zooming speed, where 1 is the default, 2 means twice as fast, and so on.
+**Available as**: menu item, command line option, command
+In the scripting language you can use the following functions for better
+**Syntax**:(maxstep float)
+Selects the zooming/unzooming speed. The parameter specifies how much of the
+range will be removed each twentieth of a second; 0 means nothing, 1 means
+everything (the parameter obviously has to be less than 1). Higher values mean
+faster zooming.
+**Available as**: command
+**Syntax**:(speedup float) When zooming/unzooming, every twentieth of a second
+the speedup value is added to the current step until maxstep is reached. So
+this value selects the rate at which zooming stops and starts. Both these
+functions are more for internal use of XaoS then for manually written scripts,
+but they could come in useful nonetheless.
+**Available as**: command