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+.. _uimandelbrot:
+.. _julia:
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+ pair: menu item; Mandelbrot mode
+ pair: command line option; julia
+ pair: command; julia
+ pair: command line option; juliaseed
+ pair: command; juliaseed
+Mandelbrot/Julia mode
+Most fractals rendered by XaoS can be represented as Mandelbrot sets or Julias.
+Each point in the Mandelbrot set has its own Julia set. To learn more about
+this correspondence, see the tutorial on the :tutor:`Julia set <julia.xaf>`.
+This function switches between Mandelbrot and Julia representations. When
+switching to Julia, you need to set the seed--a point selected from the
+Mandelbrot set.
+If you run this function from the menu, you are prompted for the Julia seed as
+a number. Often, this can be clumsy, and it would be easier to specify a point
+with the mouse pointer. If you hit the M key instead of using the menu, the
+current mouse position is used.
+Good seedpoints lie at the boundaries of the Mandelbrot set; other seeds
+usually generate quite a boring fractal. You can also explore various seeds at
+high speed using the :ref:`Fast Julia mode <fastjulia>`.
+Not all fractals have Julias, but XaoS can generate fake Julia sets for those
+that do not, which use some Julia-like modification of the formula; so this
+function is currently usable for all fractal types.
+**Available as**: menu item
+**Syntax**:(julia bool)
+This function is used to enable/disable julia mode in animation files.
+**Available as**: command line option, command
+**Syntax**:(juliaseed complex)
+Select the current julia seed.
+**Available as**: command line option, command