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+ pair: Volunteer; Opportunities
+Volunteer Opportunities
+XaoS is free software. One of the most significant rights its :ref:`license
+<gpl>` grants to you is the right to **freely get, study and improve** its
+source code.
+In return, we need your help to make it the best fractal program it can be.
+You don't have to be a programmer to contribute. The following tasks open to
+* Helping other users on the :ref:`forums <forums>`
+* Testing new versions and :ref:`reporting bugs <bugs>`
+* Creating additional tutorials and examples
+* Improving the :ref:`documentation <writehelp>`
+* Translating XaoS into your language
+* Compiling binaries for your favorite operating system
+* Reviewing and documenting the source code
+* Implementing new features and fixing bugs
+All development activities are coordinated through `Google Code`__. If you want to
+contribute, we recommend that you sign up for an account so that you can
+use its facilities to coordinate your activites with the rest of the team.
+__ http://gnuxaos.googlecode.com/
+Before you start, please join the `xaos-devel`__ discussion group and let us know
+what you want to work on. We would be happy to help you get started!
+__ http://groups.google.com/group/xaos-devel