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authorMarco Pesenti Gritti <mpg@redhat.com>2006-04-27 18:58:10 (GMT)
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Add some tab icons, still missing web site icons
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@@ -11,28 +11,28 @@ Building
You will need gnome-common.
-./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var
-make install # make require root privileges
+make install
-To run the python sources from your source tree run
- $ ./setup-run-from-source.sh
-in the top-level directory. Icons and other resources are still loaded
-from the installed location though.
-To run the shell
+To run the shell:
- $ cd shell/src
- $ ./shell.py
+sugar shell
-You can run activities like this
+To run the chat activity:
- $ cd browser
- $ ./browser.py
+sugar chat
+To run the web activity:
+sugar browser
-(Just remember to have the shell running)