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authorDan Williams <dcbw@localhost.localdomain>2006-11-15 21:57:46 (GMT)
committer Dan Williams <dcbw@localhost.localdomain>2006-11-15 22:13:45 (GMT)
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Rearrange keymappings for the real B1 machines' keyboards
(cherry picked from cda50cbf099f1db64f3cd95aeb05b54444fd66d0 commit)
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@@ -18,16 +18,16 @@ SUGAR_PROFILE=profile-2 sugar
Key bindings
-F1 Activity zoom level
-F2 Home zoom level
-F3 Friends zoom level
-F4 Mesh zoom level
-F5 Show the frame
-F6 Open a terminal activity
-F7 Toggle chat visibility
-F8 Color mode (DCON)
-F9 Black and white mode (DCON)
-F10 Decrease brightness (DCON)
-F11 Increase brightness (DCON)
+F1 Mesh zoom level
+F2 Friends zoom level
+F3 Home zoom level
+F4 Activity zoom level
+F5 Decrease brightness (DCON)
+F6 Increase brightness (DCON)
+F7 Color mode (DCON)
+F8 Black and white mode (DCON)
+F9 Show the frame
+F10 Toggle chat visibility
+F11 Open a terminal activity
F12 Open the log viewer
Ctrl+S Activate sketch mode in chat