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Controls spec
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+Black - palettes, popups
+Toolbar Grey #262626 - toolbars, expanded palette
+Button Grey #808080 - buttons
+Selection Grey #A6A6A6 - selection, expanded panels
+Panel Grey #C0C0C0 - panel, desktop
+Text field Grey #E5E5E5 - text field background
+White - pressed states and multiline text areas
+Default - gtk.STATE_NORMAL
+Focused - gtk.STATE_SELECTED
+Pressed - gtk.STATE_ACTIVE
+* The image should work the same of the image button
+* Need to write a theme to match the visual style
+* Cancel should never be default because you can always activate it with Esc
+* Radius should be 1/2 of the control height
+* Write a list of stock icons people should use and replace them in the theme to match our visual style
+* Used in canvas-like views so probably an Hippo item.
+* Svg Only.
+* It should support xo colors easily.
+* Rollovers with a focus mark.
+* Support for SVG and png.
+* Icons should be grey scale. But might be coloured with the XO colors (svg only)
+* Size of the button is 75 pixels, size of the icon canvas is 55 and suggested icon size is around 45.
+* States, defaults:
+ Hover : Black
+ Pressed : Rounded rectangle 61 pixels, 10 pixels of radius, filled in selection grey
+ Focused : Rounded rectangle 61 pixels, 10 pixels of radius, stroked in white 2.25 points
+ Inactive. Fallbacks if no inactive icon is specified.
+ Svg: Remove the fill and render the stroke in button grey
+ Png: just do some effect on the pixbuf, which also work for grey icons
+* You can set an icon for each states which replace the default except for the Hover state of buttons which has rollover.
+* "palette" boolean property. If true show an arrow active immediately on click (but also on hover)
+sugar.ToolButton (support for rollovers)
+* Contains IconButton
+* There is no palette but a tooltip.
+* Normal: Button grey rounded filled rectangle
+* Inactive: Button grey rounded stroked rectangle
+* Toggled should be like Pressed
+* Inconsistent should be the same of Default (the action depend on the cases)
+* Pressed state and Toggled state is Selection grey
+* Contains a ToggleIconButton
+* Match the visual design, shoul be possible with just theme changes
+* Exactly like CheckButton just a different indicator
+* Match the visual style. Hopefully only theme changes.
+* Add the scroll thing.
+* Groups. Either by a normal separator or a titled separator.