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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Revert "Use gecko.m4 from epiphany, which has 1.9 compatibility."Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-01-212-15/+8
* Use mozilla-config.h when necessary.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-01-215-0/+8
* Use gecko.m4 from epiphany, which has 1.9 compatibility.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-01-212-8/+15
* Add a _sugar.cairo_surface_from_gdk_pixbuf() functionDan Williams2007-01-074-0/+38
* Implement audio controlsMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-01-053-5/+140
* Stub volume control codeMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-01-055-12/+132
* Add function to set the 'image' property of a HippoCanvasImageDan Williams2006-12-212-0/+140
* First implementation of ClipboardService. Implement pdf viewing and downloadi...Tomeu Vizoso2006-11-1517-283/+632
* Reverting clipboard changes pushed by mistake. These are commits 23565cfd483e...Tomeu Vizoso2006-11-1011-228/+128
* Merge branch 'master' of git://dev.laptop.org/sugarTomeu Vizoso2006-11-101-4/+4
| * Fix compilation issue, using function name already defined in gtkMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-11-091-4/+4
* | Created SugarDownloadManager and ClipboardService's wrapper. Show and hide th...Tomeu Vizoso2006-11-058-94/+100
* | First version of the ClipboardService. Added support for showing the progress...Tomeu Vizoso2006-11-015-31/+125
* Various fixes and code clean up.Tomeu Vizoso2006-10-277-38/+17
* Registered a nsITransfer for opening documents after downloading.Tomeu Vizoso2006-10-268-63/+196
* Some style fixesMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-262-46/+35
* Fix makefile screwupMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-261-5/+6
* Created SugarBrowserChandler, for signaling when the browser has downloaded a...Tomeu Vizoso2006-10-267-17/+198
* Add families for arabic fontsMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-261-2/+8
* Add some comments, add some prefs from epiphany configurationMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-252-2/+20
* Fix a couple of warningsMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-252-2/+2
* Change the font size unit to points, so that we actuallyMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-251-11/+81
* Read mozilla prefs from a js fileMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-255-35/+66
* Register a nsIHelperAppLauncherDialog to handle docs out of gtkmozembed (pdfs...Tomeu Vizoso2006-10-256-6/+126
* Add exthandler to mozilla includes. Needed by Tomeu.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-241-3/+4
* Double click select the whole addressMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-201-0/+15
* Grab focus on the browser when explicitly opening an uriMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-203-0/+21
* Show the title in the entry, needs some loveMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-202-13/+100
* Show a minimum amount of progress even when request count would be 0.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-201-1/+2
* Add stop/reload buttons.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-202-2/+27
* Fix popupsMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-192-522/+5
* Some infrastructure for scrolling. Based on epiphany extension.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-178-3/+422
* Hack around the background color issues.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-171-0/+5
* Explicitly set some mozilla colors to work around problems with our theme.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-171-0/+6
* Disable warn on unsecure submitMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-171-2/+6
* Release 0.35Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-171-3/+5
* Forgot to add theseMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-163-0/+1003
* Get the tray icon to sort of work.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-164-33/+62
* tray-manager with bindings, adapted from gnome-panelMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-164-4/+209
* Relicense to LGPL. I'm the only contributor.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-144-48/+52
* Release 0.34Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-131-1/+1
* Get basic functionalities back to work.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-131-6/+14
* A bunch of cleanups. Add some useful properties to the browser.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-1210-450/+386
* Avoid flickering of the progress bar.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-121-1/+4
* Round the progress bar angles.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-121-1/+9
* Redraw when progress changesMarco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-121-2/+5
* First go at progress in the entry.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-129-8/+766
* Create a private sugar lib and put our extensions there.Marco Pesenti Gritti2006-10-1222-0/+2028