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path: root/browser.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Handle non-xul popups. #6825Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-07-241-11/+21
* Support certificate exceptions.Marco Pesenti Gritti2008-06-151-1/+22
* To resolve trac 6250, we disable browser detection of offline mode using xpcom.Erik Garrison2008-06-101-0/+5
* Add Follow link item to link paletteTomeu Vizoso2008-05-281-1/+1
* Add a simple palette for links with an option to copy to the clipboard.Tomeu Vizoso2008-05-251-3/+7
* First round of pylint fixes.Simon Schampijer2008-05-211-14/+27
* Add support for XUL dialogs. Fix #5487Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-12-221-3/+34
* Use the new show_object_in_journal API #4909Simon Schampijer2007-12-191-0/+1
* Save view source to SAR/instanceSimon Schampijer2007-12-051-4/+4
* do not resume source with write #4909Simon Schampijer2007-11-211-11/+0
* added a dbus call to open the source data by the journalSimon Schampijer2007-11-141-3/+9
* Save the page source with mime type text/htmlSimon Schampijer2007-11-021-1/+1
* Added zoom support with keybindings and view toolbarSimon Schampijer2007-11-011-1/+15
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://dev.laptop.org/git/web-activityMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-121-0/+24
| * Add support for agent and user stylesheets.Tomeu Vizoso2007-10-101-1/+25
* | Drop old popup handling code, we just want to openMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-121-93/+1
* Remove our custom dnd hacks. We are using XdndDirectSave now for the clipboard.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-09-171-14/+0
* Added metadata info for the sourceSimon Schampijer2007-09-091-0/+1
* View source for Browse #3261 and reset key for visibility toggle for frameSimon Schampijer2007-09-091-0/+96
* first work on using json for the hole modelSimon Schampijer2007-08-311-2/+2
* is_chrome has been moved to WebView.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-211-2/+0
* Support for previews in the journal.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-151-1/+1
* Add target text/uri-list for images when dragging them out of mozilla.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-131-1/+15
* Popup fixes and added (incomplete) support for dialogs.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-111-6/+19
* Version 20.Tomeu Vizoso2007-05-291-2/+3
* First try at popup support.Tomeu Vizoso2007-05-281-60/+62
* Implement the session store component in pyxpcom.Tomeu Vizoso2007-05-221-0/+8
* Port to hulahop (lots of regressions)Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-05-211-0/+108