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authorManuel Quiñones <manuq@laptop.org>2012-11-28 14:53:59 (GMT)
committer Manuel Quiñones <manuq@laptop.org>2012-11-29 11:44:08 (GMT)
commitdcb5f998b24f359d7c3e1980da3c58b6f6e2331a (patch)
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Display security as a lock icon for secured pages - SL #4245
For pages using the https protocol, display a) a lock icon if there were no errors in the certification, or b) a broken lock icon if the certification failed. Use the same logic as Epiphany: http://git.gnome.org/browse/epiphany/tree/embed/ephy-web-view.c#n2321 Signed-off-by: Manuel Quiñones <manuq@laptop.org> Acked-by: Manuel Kaufmann <humitos@gmail.com>
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