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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Adding language nl via PootlePootle User2007-11-191-0/+105
* Adding language ro via PootlePootle User2007-11-191-0/+105
* Adding language pseudo via PootlePootle User2007-11-1910-149/+148
* Testing Pootle SetupPootle User2007-11-171-0/+104
* Release version 73.Simon Schampijer2007-11-142-1/+3
* added a dbus call to open the source data by the journalSimon Schampijer2007-11-142-3/+10
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://dev.laptop.org/git/web-activitySimon Schampijer2007-11-143-2/+8
| * #4870: Add onStatusChange method to Download.Tomeu Vizoso2007-11-142-0/+5
| * #4904: Save downloads to the instance dir, not tmp.Tomeu Vizoso2007-11-142-1/+3
* | use the window's fullscreen method to get to fullscreen mode,Simon Schampijer2007-11-142-4/+4
* reversed the order of the zoom in and out icons #4608Simon Schampijer2007-11-021-6/+6
* Release version 72.Simon Schampijer2007-11-022-1/+5
* Save the page source with mime type text/htmlSimon Schampijer2007-11-021-1/+1
* Had a mismatched mapping from the zoom keysSimon Schampijer2007-11-021-4/+4
* Release version 71.Simon Schampijer2007-11-022-1/+3
* Add the missing view toolbarSimon Schampijer2007-11-021-0/+95
* Added zoom support with keybindings and view toolbarSimon Schampijer2007-11-0117-267/+186
* Use favorite icon for session bookmark and call it Bookmark #3741Simon Schampijer2007-11-0111-20/+22
* Update translationsMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-309-18/+36
* Updated translationsSimon Schampijer2007-10-2910-205/+670
* Release version 70.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-242-1/+3
* Moved the handling from hide/show of the tray to activity windowSimon Schampijer2007-10-192-12/+16
* Release version 69.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-192-1/+3
* Remove download object when download is canceled when downloaded alreadySimon Schampijer2007-10-192-16/+32
* Make use of the tray support in sugar activity windowSimon Schampijer2007-10-193-11/+10
* Release version 68.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-182-1/+3
* Fix icon namesMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-181-2/+2
* Release version 67.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-182-1/+3
* Fresh NewsSimon Schampijer2007-10-181-0/+4
* Fix the case where no activity can be associated with the downloaded file.Simon Schampijer2007-10-171-5/+3
* Use ctrl+t for tray visibility - this should move toSimon Schampijer2007-10-171-1/+1
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://dev.laptop.org/git/web-activitySimon Schampijer2007-10-163-3/+9
| * Release version 66.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-162-1/+3
| * Adapt to sugar API changesMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-162-2/+4
| * Release version 65.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-162-1/+3
* | Changed icon for stop button, place alert on topSimon Schampijer2007-10-162-4/+4
* Removed hack to set the right service name for sharingSimon Schampijer2007-10-163-10/+11
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://dev.laptop.org/git/web-activitySimon Schampijer2007-10-165-3/+10
| * Release version 64.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-162-1/+3
| * Adapt to sugar changeMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-161-1/+1
| * Release version 63.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-152-1/+3
| * Fix crash on startupMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-142-5/+3
* | Refined the alerts for the downloadsSimon Schampijer2007-10-162-32/+68
* | Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://dev.laptop.org/git/web-activitySimon Schampijer2007-10-142-9/+29
|\ \ | |/
| * #3552: Cancel a donwload when the related journal entry is deleted.Tomeu Vizoso2007-10-132-2/+21
* | Removed the clipboard part from the download manager and added alertsSimon Schampijer2007-10-142-46/+47
* Release version 62.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-132-1/+3
* Fix NEWSMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-121-3/+0
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://dev.laptop.org/git/web-activityMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-10-124-0/+276
| * Update NEWS.Tomeu Vizoso2007-10-101-0/+3