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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Release version 35.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-252-1/+3
* Update spanish translation.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-252-27/+54
* Release version 34.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-242-1/+3
* #2364: Fix uploads and clean up correctly the temp files.Tomeu Vizoso2007-07-244-2/+27
* Release version 33.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-232-1/+3
* updated NEWSTomeu Vizoso2007-07-231-0/+2
* Do the write of downloads to the DS async.Tomeu Vizoso2007-07-232-4/+43
* Release version 32.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-202-1/+3
* #2268 Allow removing downloads from the clipboard while in progress.Tomeu Vizoso2007-07-202-2/+10
* Fix a temp file leak.Tomeu Vizoso2007-07-201-7/+14
* Release version 31.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-192-1/+3
* Fix stop button icon.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-182-2/+4
* Release version 30.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-172-1/+3
* Add macedonian translation.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-172-0/+71
* Don't stacktrace when an event is not passed to onCopyOrDrag, just ignore it.Tomeu Vizoso2007-07-171-0/+4
* Don't set the date any more.Tomeu Vizoso2007-07-171-1/+0
* Release version 29.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-152-1/+3
* Put back library as homepage. If it doesn't exist just load about:blank.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-152-2/+10
* Release version 28.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-112-1/+3
* Rename to browseMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-112-1/+3
* Release version 27.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-082-1/+3
* Update NEWSMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-081-0/+2
* Ugh committed a debug sleep by mistakeMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-081-3/+0
* Release version 26.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-063-1/+6
* * Add brazilian translation. (DiegoZacarao)Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-07-062-0/+71
* Fix bad comparison.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-301-1/+1
* Release version 25.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-06-291-1/+1
* Add a NEWS fileMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-06-291-0/+3
* No need to set the title anymore.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-06-291-2/+0
* Add arabian translation.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-06-291-0/+70
* Version 24.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-271-1/+1
* Version 23.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-271-1/+1
* Show session history entries on the back/forward buttons' palettes.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-262-5/+55
* Refactored a bit the progress listener and created a session history listener.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-264-65/+196
* Added some copyright notices.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-222-0/+32
* Implement nsIFilePicker using sugar.graphics.objectchooser.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-222-0/+127
* Version 21Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-06-222-2/+2
* Update translations.Marco Pesenti Gritti2007-06-211-1/+17
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://dev.laptop.org/git/web-activityMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-06-212-3/+2
| * is_chrome has been moved to WebView.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-211-2/+0
| * Don't use our @mozilla.org/nsBadCertListener;1 implementation by now.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-211-1/+2
* | button tooltipsEduardo Silva2007-06-211-1/+6
* Refactor translation system a bitMarco Pesenti Gritti2007-06-214-1/+46
* Fix #1722.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-211-5/+3
* Add Web as viewer for text/html and application/xhtml+xml.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-201-1/+1
* Set journal title. Fixes #1724.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-181-4/+3
* Fixes #1282.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-182-0/+8
* Remove some dnd flavors that confuse receivers of drops.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-171-2/+5
* Add Web as viewer for image/jpeg and image/gif.Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-171-1/+1
* Raise ServerException instead of COMException and cleanup the temp file after...Tomeu Vizoso2007-06-171-7/+12