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path: root/addons/disablewidget.py
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authorVincent Vinet <vince.vinet@gmail.com>2009-12-04 05:06:49 (GMT)
committer Vincent Vinet <vince.vinet@gmail.com>2009-12-06 04:06:40 (GMT)
commit8acd9095e8f32ee20a6c4cd105d12a133fa9f346 (patch)
treeec24b60f26bde5eaf92c8bb8495deb733ab2cb69 /addons/disablewidget.py
parent3550e7a3feac8726e4747457e14932e6010b397b (diff)
Add Event Sources:event_sources
- Add source property in Action and EventFilter - Change TPropContainer contructor to accept keyword arguments and set properties that were given - Change every single TPropContainer subclass constructor to accept kwargs and pass them on to super init - Add a "null" option for TStringProperty Use Event Sources: - Make the probe require a source property to install or subscribe - Have ProbeProxy install and subscribe return a prefixed address - Make update, uninstall and unsubsribe extract the prefix from the address - Have the TutorialRunner set a source on actions/events before installing/subscribing instead of setting current activity on ProbeManager Test Event Sources: - Change the tests according to the new constructors and behaviors
Diffstat (limited to 'addons/disablewidget.py')
1 files changed, 3 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/addons/disablewidget.py b/addons/disablewidget.py
index 8b34254..15e07f2 100644
--- a/addons/disablewidget.py
+++ b/addons/disablewidget.py
@@ -21,13 +21,12 @@ from ..services import ObjectStore
class DisableWidgetAction(Action):
target = TStringProperty("0")
- def __init__(self, target):
+ def __init__(self, **kwargs):
+ Accepted keyword args:
@param target target treeish
- Action.__init__(self)
- if target is not None:
- self.target = target
+ super(DisableWidgetAction, self).__init__(**kwargs)
self._widget = None
def do(self, **kwargs):