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authorerick <erick@sugar-dev-erick.(none)>2009-11-01 15:19:01 (GMT)
committer Vincent Vinet <vince.vinet@gmail.com>2009-11-09 15:11:11 (GMT)
commitb7012490ac4db920ffc4abc231ce987c9adb8fc4 (patch)
treeae33a264fbe38888b5ca650e0163c2cb1fe734de /tests
parenta7ca31d17194539f7b4428eef257b5ba8582c364 (diff)
Changed the path name of probes on dbus to make them unique per activity, made the service unregistering call synchronous because the bus would close too fast otherwise, added complete support in probe manager for multiple instances of the same activity
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