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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
UAMnew UAM, archive it and forget itVincent Vinet10 years
demo_audit_21_octcorrected back button bugCharlie10 years
desktop_probesallow the FrameOverlayer to bind itself to a widget for show/hideVincent Vinet10 years
engineADTMerge branch 'master' of git://git.sugarlabs.org/tutorius/mainline into engin...erick10 years
engine_tutorial_ADT_migrationFixed probe testserick10 years
event_sourcesAdd Event Sources:Vincent Vinet10 years
frame_integrationMerge branch 'master' of git://git.sugarlabs.org/tutorius/mainline into frame...erick10 years
lp426452Added comment on TArrayOneTypeProperty for append and delete operationserick10 years
lp435984apply code review induced fixes, fix a few discovered bugs, enjoy, rinse and ...Vincent Vinet10 years
lp440900Finished a first pass through the specs, started implementing the Tutorialerick10 years
lp448319LP 448319 : Refactoring to translate function, adding tests for translation o...mike10 years
lp458452Merge branch 'master' of gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org:tutorius/mainlineJCTutorius10 years
masterfix bug synchronization activity launch / set focus for mapped addonsdave10 years
properties_tests_fixCreator : reverting property container changes (removing the __id broke the e...mike10 years
remote_integrationRemote : Commenting out creator related functions from the remotemike10 years
revamped_dragndropCreator : Corrected the drag'n drop bug, corrected properties update bugmike10 years
string_translation_currentResourceTranslation : Fixed comments and whitespacemike10 years
translator_mergeLP 448319 : Adding tests for translator, properties, constraints and probes, ...mike10 years
tutorialADTRemoved invalid commentserick10 years
workshopadd WorkshopListItemCharlie10 years