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BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
epaathMerge branches 'epaath' and 'epaath' of gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org:karma/mai...root11 years
felipetesting this branch by adding test.txtroot11 years
jkjs-refactormost tests for Karma.karma and Karma.kMedia passBryan Berry11 years
masterUpdatesErik Garrison11 years
mpavelUpdating existing files (*.html & *.css) to HTML5 and CSS3: replacing old tag...Pavel Mocan11 years
0.1commit bd2c38d87f...root11 years
0.08commit d2ed657c67...hitman11 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2009-11-18UpdatesHEADmasterErik Garrison3-28/+166
2009-11-17Know USAErik Garrison22-0/+4215
2009-11-06fixed 'foo' problemBryan Berry1-2/+0
2009-11-05copied a working copy of Conozco-Uruguay into examples/ . This copy of Conozc...Bryan Berry18-63/+3987
2009-11-03removed karma-main ids from adding_up examplesBryan Berry4-9/+14
2009-11-03added files for using qunitBryan Berry4-710/+977
2009-11-03changed constructor so u can invoke it w/ no argumentsBryan Berry3-16/+18
2009-11-03commented out all localiztion stuff because none of it works right nowBryan Berry43-24/+25
2009-11-02images, sounds, and surfaces now have localized property set to false by defa...Bryan Berry3-28/+25
2009-11-02refactored code so k.library is no longer used. k.images, k.sounds, k.surface...Bryan Berry3-54/+56