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path: root/src
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Removes the use of O_SYNC on logs #1656James Cameron2010-03-221-2/+1
* Changes to a Journal entries metadata are wiped if activity is still open (#1...Simon Schampijer2010-03-221-1/+45
* Do not fail while closing object less activities #1714Aleksey Lim2010-03-221-1/+2
* check syntax of private key (#1568)Sascha Silbe2010-03-221-1/+5
* After using CP, the XO home palette is incorrectly scrolled (blank lines + mi...Simon Schampijer2010-03-221-1/+1
* Apply activity font settings earlier (#1607)Daniel Drake2009-12-242-3/+7
* Fix bold font styleDaniel Drake2009-12-021-1/+1
* Apply font configuration from GConf (#1584)Daniel Drake2009-12-012-3/+10
* Save activity_id if its not yet in the DS #1276Tomeu Vizoso2009-12-011-0/+3
* To emulate missed parts of DSObject - optional file_path removing #1241Aleksey Lim2009-12-011-2/+4
* Some activities relies on existing of ds fields like 'title' #1241Aleksey Lim2009-12-011-1/+16
* ObjectChooser displays USB media files, but fails to access file #1241Aleksey Lim2009-12-011-1/+45
* Telepathy doesn't create log files #1178Aleksey Lim2009-08-141-4/+4
* Do not fail while displaying activity icon for bundles in Journal #1175Aleksey Lim2009-08-141-0/+12
* Fix ContentBundle bundle_idDaniel Drake2009-07-101-1/+15
* Revert the cell renderer stuff, was committed in the wrong branchTomeu Vizoso2009-06-132-258/+0
* Implement prelighting of cell renderer iconsTomeu Vizoso2009-06-131-6/+53
* Redraw cell renderers on hovering changedTomeu Vizoso2009-06-131-0/+14
* Silence warning and reduce debug logging a bitTomeu Vizoso2009-06-071-4/+3
* Add CellRendererInvokerTomeu Vizoso2009-06-072-2/+129
* Add activate signal to CellRendererIconTomeu Vizoso2009-06-061-0/+7
* Add CellRendererIconTomeu Vizoso2009-06-061-0/+64
* Limit length of labels in palettes to 60 chars by default #610Tomeu Vizoso2009-04-062-2/+2
* Merge branch 'sucrose-0.84' of gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org:sugar-toolkit/main...Simon Schampijer2009-03-302-5/+10
| * Only call read_file once on activity startup #428Tomeu Vizoso2009-03-271-2/+8
| * Revert "Listen for map in Window instead of in Canvas (alsroot) #428"Tomeu Vizoso2009-03-271-3/+2
| * Use git ls-files instead of git-ls-files, to work with newer Git. d.sl.o #647Sayamindu Dasgupta2009-03-261-1/+1
* | Bundlebuilder list_files: Better error handling #635Simon Schampijer2009-03-301-0/+2
* Bundlebuilder: Don't include whole directory in src tarballSimon Schampijer2009-03-241-1/+1
* Fix palettes scaling when using scaling factor 72 #504Simon Schampijer2009-03-131-3/+3
* Use Popen.communicate() to avoid hang (Sascha Silbe) #397Tomeu Vizoso2009-03-121-2/+3
* Change property type to object because int cannot be None #157Tomeu Vizoso2009-03-051-1/+1
* Catch all exceptions while saving #224Tomeu Vizoso2009-03-031-1/+1
* Listen for map in Window instead of in Canvas (alsroot) #428Tomeu Vizoso2009-03-031-2/+3
* Restore minimal .xol support #459Tomeu Vizoso2009-03-031-3/+19
* Merge branch 'master' of gitorious@git.sugarlabs.org:sugar-toolkit/mainlineSimon Schampijer2009-03-021-1/+7
| * Don't recursively clean an activity if it's a symbolic link #444Tomeu Vizoso2009-03-011-0/+6
| * Add extension to temp icon file names #458Tomeu Vizoso2009-03-011-1/+1
* | Use the same font size independent from scalingSimon Schampijer2009-03-021-1/+1
* Process .py files in subdirectories './setup genplot' #391 (alsroot)Simon Schampijer2009-02-271-2/+2
* Improve error handling of calls to XGrabKey #431Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-261-11/+31
* Cleanup temp files at exit #435Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-251-0/+12
* Let activities provide their own implementation of get_preview() #152Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-251-2/+8
* Show/Hide the color palette correctly (#374)Benjamin Berg2009-02-241-1/+6
* Support setting None as the secondary text #384Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-241-1/+2
* Only display one line in the secondary text of a clipping palette #384Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-241-1/+2
* Switch to existing instance of an activity if it's already running #410Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-241-2/+2
* Reveal the palette on right click on an activity icon #409Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-231-2/+5
* Don't try to hide the tray if the activity has none (alsroot) #395Tomeu Vizoso2009-02-201-1/+1
* NamingAlert: Icon dependent on the entry type #353Simon Schampijer2009-02-162-7/+44