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-= Setup a supported distribution =
+= Supported distributions =
For all the distributions your user need admin rights (i.e. it should
be able to run the su command).
@@ -10,113 +10,6 @@ Experimental:
Fedora 18 (32-bit and 64-bit)
-= Getting started =
+= Documentation =
-Run the commands
- make build
- make run
-That should be all you need to have sugar running!
-= Developing and contributing =
-First of all enter the sugar-build shell, this will ensure you have
-the right environment and will provide a few useful extra commands.
- make shell
-You can find all the sources in sugar-build/source. Enter the desired
-module directory and apply your modifications. To test them out, you
-need to install the new code and start sugar
- make install
- start-sugar
-Finally, when you have something worth contributing to the community,
-you should send patches to the development mailing list. First of all
-commit all of your changes to git. Now to send the patches you just
- send-patches
-= Report bugs =
-To generate bug report information
- make bug-report
-I expect a lot of tweaks will be necessary before this is stable. In
-the future distributions upgrades will also be problematic. We need
-the build to work out of the box 99% of the time for everyone, so if
-stuff breaks don't please don't be shy and always report a bug
-(patches are appreciated of course but not required). If you install
-an activity and it doesn't work, that might also be a sugar-build bug,
-in doubt just report it.
-= Reference =
-== Makefile targets reference ==
-make all Build and install activities
-make build Build all the modules.
-make run Run sugar.
-make build-[module] Build a single module.
-make clean Delete build artifacts and sources.
-make bug-report Generate a bug report.
-make shell Open a shell with proper build environment.
-make test Run UI tests
-== Shell commands reference ==
-* start-sugar
-Start sugar.
-* send-patches
-Send local commits as patches for review.
-* auto-install
-Automatically install python files when they are modified. Run it
-inside a module directory, make changes to the code and have them
-applied without needing to run make install (you still need to
-restart sugar).
-Use --help for more informations about each command.
-== Preferences ==
-You can set a few options by creating sugar-build/prefs. Example
-The following options are available
-Specify the screen resolution in the form widthxheight. Note that
-the resolution needs to be in the list of available modes, as
-displayed by xrandr command.
-Sugar does not run properly on multiple video outputs, so we need to
-select one and turn off the others. By default we select the first
-output listed by RandR. You can set this variable to override that
-with any other of the connected outputs reported by xrandr command,
-for example VGA1 if you have an external monitor.
-Sugar supports multiple profiles, so that you can run multiple
-instances with the same user. You can specify the name of the
-profile with this option. A random generated one is added to
-the prefs if you are running sugar-build under sugar.
-Set this variable to any value to run Sugar inside a window rather
-than fullscreen.
+See http://sugarlabs.org/~dnarvaez/sugar-docs/