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path: root/common
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Rebuild binaries for F14Gonzalo Odiard2011-02-022-0/+0
* Make g_log variable static to enable working in F14Gonzalo Odiard2011-02-021-1/+1
* Add binary blobsGonzalo Odiard2011-02-028-0/+0
* Add tooltips to instrumentsJorge Saldivar2010-08-242-81/+82
* fix drum kit tooltips, SL #2189 DLO #9515James Cameron2010-08-201-1/+1
* Tamtam Mini control bars get really small #924 #285Aleksey Lim2009-06-033-9/+23
* Remove common/i18n and use only gettext stringsAleksey Lim2009-06-034-155/+1
* Switch to sugar-portAleksey Lim2009-06-035-122/+540
* Fixes in loopUpdate()Aleksey Lim2009-04-161-1/+2
* Unify binary-blobs search codeAleksey Lim2009-04-162-12/+22
* Binary blobs rock&rollAleksey Lim2009-03-152-2/+21
* Include common directory to each activity(until meta-bundle support in sugar-...Aleksey Lim2009-03-151-1/+1
* Do not use hardcoded FLAGSAleksey Lim2009-03-041-11/+5
* Adapt Config.py to aslo installationAleksey Lim2009-03-041-13/+6
* Enable lab files, disable ogg and grab-mouse featuresAleksey Lim2009-02-171-3/+3
* Do not write empty sync files during SynthLab startingAleksey Lim2009-02-176-0/+0
* Add new instruments Nepali madal, sarangi and temple bellsAleksey Lim2009-01-2930-0/+31
* fix exec permitions and file formatsAleksey Lim2008-12-29146-6/+1
* use *set*near pcm functionsAleksey Lim2008-12-281-2/+3
* fix gcc warningsAleksey Lim2008-12-281-1/+1
* remove blobAleksey Lim2008-12-281-0/+0
* move tooltipi_<lang>.py to i18n; MANIFEST fixesAleksey Lim2008-12-214-3/+2
* use snd_pcm_hw_params_set_rate_near to set alsa rateAleksey Lim2008-12-201-2/+1
* fix gcc warningsAleksey Lim2008-12-191-3/+3
* add FEATURES_GRAB_MOUSEAleksey Lim2008-12-192-0/+4
* add FEATURES_* tags to Config.pyAleksey Lim2008-12-192-16/+18
* fix groups in EditAleksey Lim2008-12-192-14/+18
* update lab&mic files on the flyAleksey Lim2008-12-193-13/+27
* global on/off mic&lab from Config flagsAleksey Lim2008-12-192-10/+15
* move micrec code to OS.pyAleksey Lim2008-12-192-0/+27
* use OS.system instead of commands.getstatusoutputAleksey Lim2008-12-191-0/+12
* add kitStage member to Instrument class; refactor code to use .kit and .kitSt...Aleksey Lim2008-12-192-74/+76
* remove focus from ScrolledToolbar's arrowsAleksey Lim2008-12-191-0/+2
* use TMP_DIR for temporary filesAleksey Lim2008-12-191-5/+5
* use env variables to setup debug flagsAleksey Lim2008-12-192-16/+12
* cleanup paths for XO and non-XO installationsAleksey Lim2008-12-193-32/+25
* add lab imagesAleksey Lim2008-12-1912-0/+0
* autohide ScrolledToolbar's arrowsAleksey Lim2008-12-191-18/+60
* use ScrolledToolbar in Mini/InstrumentPanelAleksey Lim2008-12-191-30/+46
* create ScrolledToolbar class from PickerAleksey Lim2008-12-191-0/+62
* add fake drumkit soundsAleksey Lim2008-12-195-0/+5
* Added COPYING.txtNat2008-09-191-0/+674
* silence csoundDaniel Drake2008-08-142-1/+1
* Loop until all sound frames are writtenDaniel Drake2008-07-302-2/+10
* RadioButton and path fixOli2008-07-241-3/+4
* security model, cleanup, SynthLab to OGGOli2008-05-234-14/+7
* On the way to respect security policyOli2008-04-107-37/+64
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://amartin@dev.laptop.org/git/projects/tamtamamartin2008-02-1364-327/+338
| * swapped a 5 for a 0, at Adrians requestbergstra2008-02-138-269/+269
| * Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://amartin@dev.laptop.org/git/projects/tamtambergstra2008-02-131-1/+2
| |\