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-Cartoon Builder: Lesson Plans Overview
-Cartoon Builder lets you explore the cartoon-making process called "cell-animation" which uses a sequence of pictures with small differences to create the illusion of movement.
-You can create your own cartoon by placing different pictures of a cartoon character inside the squares ("cells") of a filmstrip, adding different backgrounds and sound effects, and playing the pictures back in order like a little movie. You can save your cartoon on the XO laptop, and share it with friends and family.
-Cartoon Builder helps you explore how cartoons are created, and learn how to put creative ideas into action.
-Creating a story with pictures can also help you to express ideas that you may not yet have words for.
-In the process of creating and sharing your cartoons, you will also learn how to use many XO activities, including Paint, Camera, and Microphone.
-Throughout the school year, the Cartoon Builder can be integrated into different subject areas (example: creative writing, art and drama). You can make Cartoon Builder images that relate to a subject the class is studying, and share them with peers.
-Practice working with a partner
-Learn to translate ideas into artistic images
-Learn how to act out stories
-Learn to articulate creative ideas to peers
-Learn from classmates
-Learn how to use specific programs of the XO Laptop
-Learn how to use the Paint Program
-Learn to express ideas you are studying through an original project
-Learn the sequence or order of a story
-Learn about cell animation