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+Lesson Plan 4: Add Your Own Backgrounds to Cartoon Builder
+Use the Paint or Camera activity on your XO to make your own original background images for your cartoon.
+Make a background picture with Paint:
+1)Open the Paint or Camera activity from the Home screen of your XO.
+2)With Paint, draw a scene (place where the character can be) such as a school room or a field or the edge of a river.
+3)With Camera, take a photo of a place, such as school or your house.
+4)Save the picture with a name you will remember like "background1"
+Add your background to the Cartoon Builder:
+5)From the Home screen of your XO, click on the Mama Media icon.
+6)Open the Cartoon Builder activity from the MaMaMedia Activity Center.
+7)Click on the "My Background" button and find your picture called "background1" in the list of files that appears. Click on it and then click the "Open" button.
+8)Your "background1" picture will load into the Cartoon Builder
+9)Choose a character and place it in your background. Add sound and save it.
+10)Show it to your friends and classmates, and tell them how you did it Help others to create their own background pictures.