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+Lesson Plan 2: Make a Spinning Thaumatrope
+Animation is an illusion that happens when you look at two or more pictures and they seem to blend into one moving image.
+A thaumatrope is a piece of paper with two pictures, one on each side. If you have access to paper or note cards, tape and a pencil, a thaumatrope is fun and helpful tool for understanding how pictures appear to become animated.
+Index card (cut in half)
+Pencil, crayon or marker to draw with
+Stick to tape cards on (pencil is OK too)
+Tape, glue or something to stick paper to the pencil or stick.
+1)Think of the animation that you want to make. For example, a fish in a bowl or a cat in a tree.
+2)Draw one part of the picture on one half of the card (example: fish) and draw the second part of the picture (example: the fish bowl) on the second half.
+3)Tape the pencil or stick to the back of one card and then tape the second card to the pencil so that the drawings are back-to-back.
+4)Spin the thaumatrope by rolling the pencil between your hands. What do you see?