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authorWalter Bender <walter.bender@gmail.com>2012-11-01 16:08:40 (GMT)
committer Walter Bender <walter.bender@gmail.com>2012-11-01 16:08:40 (GMT)
commit07a5bd865729b7c4d2e1fbe664e9cfae42283acd (patch)
parentba92d720c205a446725d3d998111a204f72ec01f (diff)
fixed more grammatical errors (thanks to cjl)
1 files changed, 14 insertions, 16 deletions
diff --git a/taextras.py b/taextras.py
index ed1e2b9..884a2cb 100644
--- a/taextras.py
+++ b/taextras.py
@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ FOLLOWME_STRINGS = [
_('Search for a connected camera.'),
#TRANS: the calibration is used to match an RGB color to a target
- _('stores a personalized calibration'),
+ _('store a personalized calibration'),
_('return a personalized calibration'),
_('follow a color or calibration'),
@@ -138,9 +138,9 @@ FOLLOWME_STRINGS = [
# TRANS: RGB, YUV, and HSV are color spaces
_('set the color mode of the camera: RGB; YUV or HSV'),
_('get brightness'),
- _('get the brightness of the ambient'),
+ _('get the brightness of the ambient light'),
_('average color'),
- _('if 0: average color is off when calibrates; for other values is on'),
+ _('if set to 0 then color averaging is off during calibration; for other values it is on'),
_('x position'),
_('return x position'),
_('y position'),
@@ -279,7 +279,6 @@ WEDO_STRINGS = [
_('Palette of WeDo blocks'),
_('set current WeDo device'),
- _('number of WeDos'),
_('number of WeDo devices'),
_('tilt sensor output: (-1 == no tilt,\
@@ -319,17 +318,16 @@ LEGO_STRINGS = [
_("Invalid port '%s'. Port must be: PORT A, B or C"),
_("Invalid port '%s'. Port must be: PORT 1, 2, 3 or 4"),
_('The value of power must be between -127 to 127'),
- _("The parameter must be a integer no '%s'"),
+ _("The parameter must be a integer, not '%s'"),
_('An error has occurred: check all connections and try to reconnect'),
_('NXT found %s bricks'),
_('NXT not found'),
- _('The brick number %s was not found'),
+ _('Brick number %s was not found'),
_('refresh NXT'),
_('Search for a connected NXT brick.'),
- _('NxT'),
- _('set current NxT device'),
- _('number of NxTs'),
- _('number of NxT devices'),
+ _('NXT'),
+ _('set current NXT device'),
+ _('number of NXT devices'),
_('brick name'),
_('Get the name of a brick.'),
_('play tone'),
@@ -402,12 +400,12 @@ ARDUINO_STRINGS = [
_('ERROR: The mode must be either INPUT, OUTPUT, PWM or SERVO.'),
_('refresh Arduino'),
_('Search for connected Arduinos.'),
- _('arduino'),
- _('set current arduino board'),
- _('number of arduinos'),
- _('number of arduino boards'),
- _('arduino name'),
- _('Get the name of an arduino.'),
+ _('Arduino'),
+ _('set current Arduino board'),
+ _('number of Arduinos'),
+ _('number of Arduino boards'),
+ _('Arduino name'),
+ _('Get the name of an Arduino.'),
#TRANS: pin mode is used to specify the mode (INPUT, OUTPUT, etc)
#in which an I/O pin is being used.
_('pin mode'),