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path: root/TurtleArt/taconstants.py
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authorWalter Bender <walter.bender@gmail.com>2011-02-16 00:52:57 (GMT)
committer Walter Bender <walter.bender@gmail.com>2011-02-16 00:52:57 (GMT)
commitdee171c356b855b756ffb04fb2a29fcd81094541 (patch)
tree3517f939669b06f6fcddee7fee6f9b515348c4f4 /TurtleArt/taconstants.py
parent17e2fe872a5a59be2df894e6d0d7799e5e132c33 (diff)
new Media palette
Diffstat (limited to 'TurtleArt/taconstants.py')
1 files changed, 14 insertions, 13 deletions
diff --git a/TurtleArt/taconstants.py b/TurtleArt/taconstants.py
index 1fd6dfd..daa8c28 100644
--- a/TurtleArt/taconstants.py
+++ b/TurtleArt/taconstants.py
@@ -113,12 +113,10 @@ TOP_LAYER = 1000
PALETTE_NAMES = ['turtle', 'pen', 'colors', 'numbers', 'flow', 'blocks',
- 'extras', 'sensor', 'portfolio', 'trash']
+ 'extras', 'sensor', 'media', 'portfolio', 'trash']
-PALETTES = [['clean', 'forward', 'back', 'show', 'left', 'right',
- 'seth', 'setxy2', 'heading', 'xcor', 'ycor', 'setscale',
- 'arc', 'scale', 'leftpos', 'toppos', 'rightpos',
- 'bottompos'],
+PALETTES = [['forward', 'back', 'clean', 'left', 'right',
+ 'arc', 'setxy2', 'seth', 'xcor', 'ycor', 'heading'],
['penup', 'pendown', 'setpensize', 'fillscreen', 'pensize',
'setcolor', 'setshade', 'setgray', 'color', 'shade',
'gray', 'startfill', 'stopfill'],
@@ -133,15 +131,16 @@ PALETTES = [['clean', 'forward', 'back', 'show', 'left', 'right',
'storeinbox1', 'storeinbox2', 'string', 'box1', 'box2', 'box',
['push', 'printheap', 'clearheap', 'pop', 'comment', 'print',
- 'myfunc1arg', 'userdefined',
- 'cartesian', 'width', 'height', 'polar', 'addturtle', 'reskin',
- 'sandwichtop_no_label', 'sandwichbottom'],
+ 'myfunc1arg', 'userdefined', 'cartesian', 'polar', 'addturtle',
+ 'reskin', 'sandwichtop_no_label', 'sandwichbottom'],
['kbinput', 'keyboard', 'readpixel', 'see', 'time',
'sound', 'volume', 'pitch'],
- ['journal', 'audio', 'video', 'description', 'hideblocks',
- 'showblocks', 'fullscreen', 'savepix', 'savesvg', 'mediawait',
- 'picturelist', 'picture1x1a', 'picture1x1', 'picture2x2',
- 'picture2x1', 'picture1x2'],
+ ['journal', 'audio', 'video', 'description', 'string',
+ 'show', 'setscale', 'savepix', 'savesvg', 'scale', 'mediawait'],
+ ['hideblocks', 'showblocks', 'fullscreen', 'picturelist',
+ 'picture1x1a', 'picture1x1', 'picture2x2', 'picture2x1',
+ 'picture1x2', 'leftpos', 'bottompos', 'width', 'rightpos',
+ 'toppos', 'height'],
['empty', 'restoreall']]
@@ -152,7 +151,8 @@ COLORS = [["#00FF00", "#00A000"], ["#00FFFF", "#00A0A0"],
["#00FFFF", "#00A0A0"], ["#FF00FF", "#A000A0"],
["#FFC000", "#A08000"], ["#FFFF00", "#A0A000"],
["#FF0000", "#A00000"], ["#FF0000", "#A00000"],
- ["#0000FF", "#0000A0"], ["#FFFF00", "#A0A000"]]
+ ["#FFFF00", "#A0A000"], ["#0000FF", "#0000A0"],
+ ["#FFFF00", "#A0A000"]]
BOX_COLORS = {'red': ["#FF0000", "#A00000"],
'orange': ["#FFD000", "#AA8000"],
@@ -841,6 +841,7 @@ HELP_STRINGS = {
'left': _("turns turtle counterclockwise (angle in degrees)"),
'less2': _("logical less-than operator"),
'luminance': _("light level detected by camera"),
+ 'media': _("Palette of media objects"),
'mediawait': _("wait for current video or audio to complete"),
'minus2': _("subtracts bottom numeric input from top numeric input"),
'myfunc': _("a programmable block: used to add advanced math equations, e.g., sin(x)"),