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authorWalter Bender <walter@sugarlabs.org>2010-08-12 15:17:02 (GMT)
committer Walter Bender <walter@sugarlabs.org>2010-08-12 15:17:02 (GMT)
commit8ecac23bbcab5ba68dea77594f3ec42f149538e3 (patch)
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cleaning up copyright ambiguities
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diff --git a/samples/images/COPYING b/samples/images/COPYING
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--- a/samples/images/COPYING
+++ b/samples/images/COPYING
@@ -15,15 +15,22 @@ Pythagoras is from the Wikimedia Commons, uploaded in 2007 by Galilea.
Elise Bender is the copyright holder of me.jpg
-World_Map.png was retrieved from the Wikipedia and modified by Walter
-Bender in 2009, 2010.
-Africa.png, Australia.png, Eurasia.png, North_America.png, and
-South_America.png are modifications of World_Map.png made by Jalen
-Basquiet and Walter Bender in 2009, 2010.
-earth.png, Massachusetts.png, North_America.jpg, and United_States.png
-were retrieved from the Wikipedia and modified by Walter Bender in
-2009, 2010.
+Nutzelfutz uploaded World_Map_flat_Mercator.png to the Wikipedia in
+2008. World_Map.png is a modification of World_Map_flat_Mercator.png
+by Walter Bender in 2010. Africa.png, Australia.png, Eurasia.png,
+North_America.png, and South_America.png are modifications of
+World_Map.png made by Jalen Basquiet and Walter Bender in 2010.
+Earth Western Hemisphere.jpg is a NASA image uploaded to Wikipedia in
+2005 by Tom. earth.png is a modification of Earth Western
+Hemisphere.jpg made by Walter Bender in 2010.
+North America satellite globe.jpg is a NASA image uploaded to
+Wikipedia in 2004 by Bjarki S. North Aemrica.jpg is a modification of
+North America satellite globe.jpg made by Walter Bender in 2010.
+MissMJ uploaded 2000px-New_England_USA.svg.png to the WIkipedia in
+2008. New_England.png, Massachusetts.png and United_States.png are
+modifications of 2000px-New_England_USA.svg.png made by Walter Bender
+in 2010.