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path: root/taconstants.py
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Diffstat (limited to 'taconstants.py')
1 files changed, 9 insertions, 9 deletions
diff --git a/taconstants.py b/taconstants.py
index 1d2e116..0ed4c81 100644
--- a/taconstants.py
+++ b/taconstants.py
@@ -629,7 +629,7 @@ HELP_STRINGS = {
'arc':_("moves turtle along an arc"),
'audio':_("Sugar Journal audio object"),
'back':_("moves turtle backward"),
- 'blocks':_("palette of variable blocks"),
+ 'blocks':_("Palette of variable blocks"),
'bottompos':_("ycor of bottom of screen"),
'box1':_("Variable 1 (numeric value)"),
'box2':_("Variable 2 (numeric value)"),
@@ -638,7 +638,7 @@ HELP_STRINGS = {
'clean':_("clears the screen and reset the turtle"),
'clearheap':_("emptys FILO (first-in-last-out heap)"),
'color':_("holds current pen color (can be used in place of a number block)"),
- 'colors':_("a palette of pen colors"),
+ 'colors':_("Palette of pen colors"),
'comment':_("places a comment in your code"),
'description':_("Sugar Journal description field"),
@@ -646,9 +646,9 @@ HELP_STRINGS = {
'empty':_("permanently deletes items in trash"),
'equal2':_("logical equal-to operator"),
- 'extras':_("palette of extra options"),
+ 'extras':_("Palette of extra options"),
'fillscreen':_("fills the background with (color, shade)"),
- 'flow':_("palette of flow operators"),
+ 'flow':_("Palette of flow operators"),
'forever':_("loops forever"),
'forward':_("moves turtle forward"),
'fullscreen':_("hides the Sugar toolbars"),
@@ -675,12 +675,12 @@ HELP_STRINGS = {
'myfunc2':_("a programmable block: used to add advanced math equations, e.g., sin(x)"),
'nop':_("runs code found in the tamyblock.py module found in the Journal"),
'not':_("logical NOT operator"),
- 'numbers':_("palette of numeric operators"),
+ 'numbers':_("Palette of numeric operators"),
'number':_("used as numeric input in mathematic operators"),
'or':_("logical OR operator"),
'orientation':_("changes the orientation of the palette of blocks"),
'pendown':_("Turtle will draw when moved."),
- 'pen':_("palette of pen commands"),
+ 'pen':_("Palette of pen commands"),
'pensize':_("holds current pen size (can be used in place of a number block)"),
'penup':_("Turtle will not draw when moved."),
'picture1x1':_("presentation template: select Journal object (with description)"),
@@ -692,7 +692,7 @@ HELP_STRINGS = {
'plus2':_("adds two alphanumeric inputs"),
'polar':_("displays polar coordinates"),
'pop':_("pops value off FILO (first-in last-out heap)"),
- 'portfolio':_("palette of presentation templates"),
+ 'portfolio':_("Palette of presentation templates"),
'print':_("prints value in status block at bottom of the screen"),
'printheap':_("shows values in FILO (first-in last-out heap)"),
'product2':_("multiplies two numeric inputs"),
@@ -739,8 +739,8 @@ HELP_STRINGS = {
'textcolor':_("holds current text color (can be used in place of a number block)"),
'textsize':_("holds current text size (can be used in place of a number block)"),
'toppos':_("ycor of top of screen"),
- 'trash':_("a place to throw away blocks"),
- 'turtle':_("palette of turtle commands"),
+ 'trash':_("Trashcan"),
+ 'turtle':_("Palette of turtle commands"),
'until':_("do-until-True operator that uses boolean operators from Numbers palette"),
'vspace':_("jogs stack down"),
'wait':_("pauses program execution a specified number of seconds"),