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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* suppress verbose csound output in logWalter Bender2011-11-221-2/+4
* report error string from ImportError when patch fails to load (rgs)Walter Bender2011-11-222-4/+4
* v128v128Walter Bender2011-11-212-1/+10
* don't scale alert block text (#3175)Walter Bender2011-11-211-2/+1
* clean up of autogain code (#2651)Walter Bender2011-11-211-20/+28
* scale pixbufs in insert_imageWalter Bender2011-11-201-1/+5
* only stop video on Stop, Erase, or Clean in order to let autogain kick inWalter Bender2011-11-202-14/+32
* removing unneeded debug messageWalter Bender2011-11-201-2/+0
* setting pixbuf to None every time, just to be sureWalter Bender2011-11-201-1/+1
* fix logic error that was preventing multiple exposures to be takenWalter Bender2011-11-201-2/+1
* v127Walter Bender2011-11-202-2/+12
* camera writes directly to pixbuf; mouse button downWalter Bender2011-11-201-13/+17
* capture directly to pixbufWalter Bender2011-11-202-75/+73
* preserve state of mouse buttonWalter Bender2011-11-201-0/+1
* allow insert image to write directly from a pixbufWalter Bender2011-11-201-13/+15
* give up on setting label width on XOs for help stringsWalter Bender2011-11-201-1/+1
* add insert_image flags used by Turtle Confusion in order to maintain common c...Walter Bender2011-11-191-3/+12
* added Calibrate for Follow meWalter Bender2011-11-181-0/+1
* voices for speakWalter Bender2011-11-171-0/+13
* using csound for sinewave blockv126Walter Bender2011-11-171-14/+75
* added sinewave blockWalter Bender2011-11-171-1/+24
* v126Walter Bender2011-11-172-1/+9
* added new blocks for mouse and speakWalter Bender2011-11-172-2/+68
* add plugin support for clearWalter Bender2011-11-143-0/+11
* added another string for physics pluginWalter Bender2011-11-131-1/+1
* v125Walter Bender2011-11-122-1/+9
* making the button hit detection more robust on non-888 displaysWalter Bender2011-11-121-6/+6
* cscott got the pixel order backwardsWalter Bender2011-11-122-14/+3
* added bounds check for corner case on button release; fixed typo in method nameWalter Bender2011-11-121-2/+5
* more robust get_pixel code as per cscottWalter Bender2011-11-122-10/+23
* added call to find_value_blocks in erase button callback to catch corner caseWalter Bender2011-11-121-0/+1
* removed updates to overlay grids after rescale since we can no longer erase t...Walter Bender2011-11-121-22/+4
* fixed problem with overlaysv124Walter Bender2011-11-122-1/+6
* overlay grids use cairo surface instead of pixbufWalter Bender2011-11-122-35/+12
* bounds check needed when block definitions are missingWalter Bender2011-11-111-3/+3
* more details re v123Walter Bender2011-11-111-1/+6
* adding strings from physics plugin for translationv123Walter Bender2011-11-111-0/+55
* eliminate kludgy call to expose_cb in button_releaseWalter Bender2011-11-111-3/+0
* eliminate image cache in sprite libraryWalter Bender2011-11-111-67/+32
* cached surfaces enabled in sprite libraryWalter Bender2011-11-111-18/+16
* add comma separators for used block listWalter Bender2011-11-081-2/+4
* using new grid overlay mechanism for speed up with Cairo graphicsWalter Bender2011-11-081-19/+2
* cairo mergeWalter Bender2011-11-0812-198/+208
* Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/3' of git://git.sugarlabs.org/turtleart/mai...Walter Bender2011-11-0814-445/+608
| * tuned font scaling XO; render overlays to turtle canvas for performance reasonsWalter Bender2011-11-071-1/+29
| * more cases where I missed updating image_to_base64Walter Bender2011-11-072-18/+24
| * Cairo doesn't seem to need font scaling on the XO hardwareWalter Bender2011-11-051-4/+2
| * using canvas window; not sure why the old version ever ranWalter Bender2011-11-051-1/+1
| * new version that works with Cairo colorWalter Bender2011-11-051-4/+3
| * centered rotation on imageWalter Bender2011-11-051-2/+3