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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* better arg checking from box assignments to turtle blocksWalter Bender2013-02-031-7/+22
* more responsive speed controlWalter Bender2013-02-021-135/+139
* Merge branch 'master' of git.sugarlabs.org:turtleart/mainlineWalter Bender2013-02-024-1144/+1209
| * Commit from Sugar Labs: Translation System by user cjl.: 425 of 426 messages ...Pootle daemon2013-02-011-286/+303
| * Commit from Sugar Labs: Translation System by user aputsiaq.: 426 of 426 mess...Pootle daemon2013-02-011-286/+302
| * Commit from Sugar Labs: Translation System by user cjl.: 426 of 426 messages ...Pootle daemon2013-02-011-286/+302
| * Commit from Sugar Labs: Translation System by user cjl.: 426 of 426 messages ...Pootle daemon2013-02-011-286/+302
* | more embellishmentsWalter Bender2013-02-021-399/+469
* fix problem with save, save as path and file namesWalter Bender2013-02-011-5/+4
* v171Walter Bender2013-01-312-1/+9
* add scrolling window; check for webkitWalter Bender2013-01-311-4/+20
* add fb plugin; consolidate gnome menus when possibleWalter Bender2013-01-304-5/+160
* new sample program for calculating prime factorsWalter Bender2013-01-301-0/+399
* fix file name in save_for_upload function of tawindowAlan Aguiar2013-01-291-1/+1
* add gettext to name and summary of about dialogAlan Aguiar2013-01-291-2/+2
* allow another forks in turtle about menuAlan Aguiar2013-01-292-6/+11
* clean up of about cbWalter Bender2013-01-281-4/+3
* add basic help menu with aboutAlan Aguiar2013-01-281-0/+18
* change buttons on exit dialogWalter Bender2013-01-271-2/+2
* added CR for easier viewingv170Walter Bender2013-01-2511-11/+1593
* move action out of chooser block so we can set clock cursor while project loadsWalter Bender2013-01-251-2/+5
* slightly more efficient version of previous patchWalter Bender2013-01-251-3/+6
* added collapsable stacksWalter Bender2013-01-251-628/+646
* when updating names in collapsed stacks, be sure to hide sprsWalter Bender2013-01-251-0/+6
* catch some potential zero divide situationsWalter Bender2013-01-231-13/+5
* added new color palette; fixed some mouse tracking problemsWalter Bender2013-01-231-489/+559
* scale to fit screenWalter Bender2013-01-201-551/+559
* new sample projectWalter Bender2013-01-191-0/+552
* print color vector when printing color blockWalter Bender2013-01-191-2/+7
* remove debugging print statementWalter Bender2013-01-191-1/+0
* make rtfparse import optionalWalter Bender2013-01-181-3/+8
* change behavior in stop of gnome menuWalter Bender2013-01-181-4/+3
* use watch cursor while loading projectsWalter Bender2013-01-181-0/+18
* print needs to know about the COLORDICTWalter Bender2013-01-181-2/+7
* fix typoWalter Bender2013-01-181-1/+1
* news for v170Walter Bender2013-01-182-2/+19
* make distinction between file filter and file suffix; use endswith builtinWalter Bender2013-01-182-9/+11
* use _ for color constant valuesWalter Bender2013-01-183-15/+15
* convert color names to numbers when using numeric operatorsWalter Bender2013-01-181-3/+17
* refactor color block label codeWalter Bender2013-01-181-3/+8
* refactor fillscreen to use new color constantsWalter Bender2013-01-181-27/+35
* refactoring of color constantsWalter Bender2013-01-171-1/+12
* endswith needs a tuple, not a listWalter Bender2013-01-171-4/+13
* using constants for suffix and mimetypeWalter Bender2013-01-175-62/+52
* TurtleBlocks using .tb suffixWalter Bender2013-01-171-10/+10
* cast ints as floats when passing args to Python blockWalter Bender2013-01-161-0/+3
* add warning when executing project with forever block from command lineWalter Bender2013-01-161-0/+5
* new python exampleWalter Bender2013-01-161-0/+30
* fix bugs in non-interactive modeWalter Bender2013-01-162-6/+10
* plot accelerometer dataWalter Bender2013-01-121-0/+41