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path: root/TurtleArt/tabasics.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* some small tweaks from the Turtle Confusion upgradeWalter Bender2013-12-181-1/+1
* set proper number of default argumentsWalter Bender2013-11-251-4/+4
* add turtle = after clean block in python exportWalter Bender2013-11-251-1/+2
* fix get_shade return typeAlan Aguiar2013-11-161-1/+2
* force color names to appear in PO filesWalter Bender2013-11-111-0/+4
* Alan's pyflakes cleanup and new strategy for translating palette namesWalter Bender2013-11-061-22/+14
* alan's patch to left, backWalter Bender2013-11-041-6/+4
* fix problem with int stack namesWalter Bender2013-10-311-3/+4
* convert to type branch of python export codeMarion Zepf2013-10-291-600/+370
* python exportMarion Zepf2013-10-271-264/+280
* fix label ambiguity with addturtle and turtle-label blocksWalter Bender2013-10-081-1/+2
* revised approach to i18nWalter Bender2013-10-081-8/+22
* add i18n to palette namesWalter Bender2013-10-071-7/+7
* change interface of Turtle.set_xy to set_xy(x, y, share, pendown)Marion2013-08-271-2/+2
* Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/6' of git://git.sugarlabs.org/turtleart/mai...Walter Bender2013-08-091-2/+2
| * fix updating the heading label in snail execution modeMarion2013-08-091-2/+2
* | added pen state booleanWalter Bender2013-07-171-0/+10
* more carelessnessWalter Bender2013-07-011-4/+4
* fix broken lambda functionsWalter Bender2013-07-011-6/+6
* remove deprecated blockWalter Bender2013-06-261-12/+0
* migrate to turtle-centric modelWalter Bender2013-06-251-146/+208
* ensure trash palette is lastWalter Bender2013-06-031-0/+1
* pep8 cleanupWalter Bender2013-05-221-48/+65
* more adjustments to export of color constants to LogoWalter Bender2013-05-221-3/+7
* clean up logo export code (use \n instead of \r)Walter Bender2013-05-221-63/+69
* more ord typecheck problemsWalter Bender2013-05-071-5/+1
* need exception handlerWalter Bender2013-05-071-2/+2
* ord is not a typeWalter Bender2013-05-071-4/+10
* more work on save-macroWalter Bender2013-05-071-5/+0
* first pass at adding macro save/load supportWalter Bender2013-05-061-0/+5
* change type()== to isisintanceWalter Bender2013-05-051-21/+15
* Since we autogenerate box references, we don't need to show the generic one o...Walter Bender2013-04-111-0/+1
* sleep during sleep blockWalter Bender2013-03-221-1/+2
* adjust positions of scaled up dots and labelsWalter Bender2013-02-221-4/+4
* more code cleanupWalter Bender2013-02-101-12/+7
* better arg checking from box assignments to turtle blocksWalter Bender2013-02-031-7/+22
* remove debugging print statementWalter Bender2013-01-191-1/+0
* convert color names to numbers when using numeric operatorsWalter Bender2013-01-181-3/+17
* clean up value block updatesWalter Bender2012-12-231-13/+19
* add gray as argument to fill screen blockWalter Bender2012-09-181-44/+58
* remoe unnecessary returnWalter Bender2012-09-021-1/+0
* Update labels on named boxes when running in debug modeWalter Bender2012-07-211-3/+5
* hide redundant action and box blocksWalter Bender2012-07-191-39/+47
* fix problem with nested while loopsWalter Bender2012-07-091-0/+1
* removing more deprecated codeWalter Bender2012-07-071-9/+0
* convert flow blocks to new clamp styleWalter Bender2012-07-051-11/+29
* rm silly True and False blocksWalter Bender2012-06-301-6/+0
* reorganize pen and color palettesWalter Bender2012-06-291-30/+30
* boxes can take strings or numbersWalter Bender2012-05-091-0/+2
* move string_or_number whitelist to taplatte.pyWalter Bender2012-05-071-0/+8