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path: root/TurtleArt/tawindow.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* consider block_scale when expanding blocksWalter Bender2010-09-231-6/+9
* enable rotation of custom skins (#2353)Walter Bender2010-09-231-3/+6
* fixed problem with turtle drag with custom skin (#2353)Walter Bender2010-09-231-8/+3
* fixed infinite loop bug reported in #2330Walter Bender2010-09-221-0/+3
* cascading expanding myfunc block (#2330)Walter Bender2010-09-221-5/+24
* fixed problem with expanding boolean (#2330)Walter Bender2010-09-221-1/+4
* fixed problem with cascade through connection 2Walter Bender2010-09-221-0/+3
* removed has_key referencesWalter Bender2010-09-211-8/+8
* no cascading of auto-expanding blocks for booleans... (#2336)Walter Bender2010-09-201-55/+57
* consolidated auto-expanding block codeWalter Bender2010-09-201-86/+75
* shrink expandable block on disconnectWalter Bender2010-09-201-1/+22
* removed debugging printsWalter Bender2010-09-201-9/+1
* cascade growing/shrinking blocksWalter Bender2010-09-201-3/+35
* boolean blocks don't grow the stack so no need to grow stack armWalter Bender2010-09-201-1/+0
* renamed variables to be more meaningfulWalter Bender2010-09-201-51/+60
* if -> elif when special-casing booleansWalter Bender2010-09-201-2/+1
* fixed logic for autoscaling booleansWalter Bender2010-09-201-0/+23
* fixed logic error when auto-shrinking blocks; added grow_arm to auto-scale on...Walter Bender2010-09-201-15/+12
* autoexpand blocks when docking (#2336)Walter Bender2010-09-191-0/+23
* expandable 2-arg blocksWalter Bender2010-09-171-7/+9
* run math blocks when not expanding/contractingWalter Bender2010-09-161-1/+3
* expandable boolean blocksWalter Bender2010-09-161-1/+5
* expandable math blocksWalter Bender2010-09-161-2/+19
* #2313 -- better error messages from math errorsWalter Bender2010-09-131-2/+0
* added collapsible block without comment label as per #2302Walter Bender2010-09-081-2/+5
* move default turtle to (0, 0) when dragged onto the paletteWalter Bender2010-08-231-10/+18
* fixed deleted turtle ghost bugWalter Bender2010-08-231-30/+44
* set default turtle name to nickv95Walter Bender2010-08-221-7/+12
* fixed silly bounding box errorWalter Bender2010-08-221-2/+2
* remove turtles that are dragged onto paletteWalter Bender2010-08-211-12/+21
* fixed typo in bounds calculationWalter Bender2010-08-191-10/+5
* restoring some drag optimizations with tweaksWalter Bender2010-08-191-1/+7
* reverting some aggressive drag optimizationsWalter Bender2010-08-191-3/+3
* more speed optimizations for drag stackWalter Bender2010-08-191-5/+6
* more speed optimizations for drag stackWalter Bender2010-08-191-3/+35
* minor code cleanupWalter Bender2010-08-181-7/+7
* speed up dragging collapsed stacksWalter Bender2010-08-181-52/+23
* guess color modeWalter Bender2010-08-131-0/+2
* reorg of module heirarchyWalter Bender2010-08-121-0/+2336