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path: root/TurtleArtActivity.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* fixed one more problem with toggling palette stateWalter Bender2012-02-041-3/+3
* restore selected palette after hide/show cycleWalter Bender2012-02-041-8/+10
* calling plugins on quitWalter Bender2012-02-041-0/+5
* reworking of activity-specific metadataWalter Bender2012-01-181-6/+7
* use palette for Save/Load only for smaller displaysv131Walter Bender2012-01-121-1/+1
* switched to palette for save/load buttons so they'd all fit on smaller displaysWalter Bender2012-01-101-24/+71
* more consolidation of toolbars for smaller displaysWalter Bender2012-01-061-4/+7
* consolidate toolbars on smaller displaysWalter Bender2012-01-061-22/+26
* more simple workaround for get_preview problemWalter Bender2011-12-091-30/+5
* override get_preview since self.canvas is NoneWalter Bender2011-12-091-2/+32
* clean up after saving images, html, logo codeWalter Bender2011-12-091-1/+6
* give up on setting label width on XOs for help stringsWalter Bender2011-11-201-1/+1
* removed updates to overlay grids after rescale since we can no longer erase t...Walter Bender2011-11-121-22/+4
* Merge commit 'refs/merge-requests/3' of git://git.sugarlabs.org/turtleart/mai...Walter Bender2011-11-081-3/+11
| * using canvas window; not sure why the old version ever ranWalter Bender2011-11-051-1/+1
| * removed unnecessary passing of cr to windowWalter Bender2011-10-311-4/+3
| * push changes to Sugar versionWalter Bender2011-10-311-3/+12
* | using 'public' keyname in metadata to reference public metadata fields as per...Walter Bender2011-11-021-2/+2
* catch occasional dbus error in activity.__init__ due to collaborationWalter Bender2011-10-281-2/+7
* add metadata tags to i18nWalter Bender2011-10-201-6/+8
* refactoring in light of proposed solution to #3207Walter Bender2011-10-201-1/+9
* refactoring in light of proposed solution to #3209Walter Bender2011-10-201-1/+2
* save block list as a tag in the JournalWalter Bender2011-10-191-0/+1
* consolidation of remote turtle positioning codeWalter Bender2011-10-071-0/+4
* float the palettes in the scrolling windowWalter Bender2011-10-031-4/+25
* rework help toolbar in temporary workaround to gtk labels bug on 1.75Walter Bender2011-08-251-24/+18
* work-around to gtk labels problem on XO 1.75 hardwareWalter Bender2011-08-251-17/+23
* reorder load/save buttons on activity toolbarWalter Bender2011-08-211-5/+5
* use radio buttons for palette toolbarWalter Bender2011-08-211-13/+35
* set visible=False for more separatorsWalter Bender2011-08-201-2/+3
* more toolbar cleanups; fixes #3044Walter Bender2011-08-201-38/+47
* some toolbar shedpaintingWalter Bender2011-08-181-9/+8
* rearrangement of load/save toolbar separator positionWalter Bender2011-08-131-1/+1
* added back in set_expanded that was removed in patch to #2986Walter Bender2011-07-301-1/+3
* reverted accelerator-key work around (#2050) in light of #2986Walter Bender2011-07-181-8/+2
* importing hardware namesWalter Bender2011-06-091-2/+2
* adding CC coordinate grid for XO hardwareWalter Bender2011-06-091-1/+18
* removed debugging ioWalter Bender2011-04-161-2/+0
* do_show, do_hide are reserved so changing method names (F15 bug fix)Walter Bender2011-04-141-2/+2
* general clean up in search of F15 errorsWalter Bender2011-04-131-263/+238
* Refactored gettext imports -- fixes running from src in Sugar (martin langhoff)Walter Bender2011-03-311-1/+3
* checking gtk_version to determine label behaviorWalter Bender2011-03-141-1/+1
* work around problem with set_size_request on .84 systemsWalter Bender2011-03-091-3/+8
* force scaling to predefined constants to fix pixel alignment problems (#2442)Walter Bender2011-03-081-5/+14
* moved HELP_STRINGS to tapaletteWalter Bender2011-03-051-17/+19
* refactoring of palette and block generation: a class for each palette and blo...Walter Bender2011-03-011-40/+47
* fixed problem with help label wrap widthWalter Bender2011-02-211-3/+6
* removed unused .ag flag and added background/foreground plugin callsWalter Bender2011-02-191-2/+2
* not sure when SERVICE constant was removed, but replaced its instance with or...Walter Bender2011-02-031-1/+1
* pep8 cleanupWalter Bender2011-02-031-16/+20