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path: root/plugins/turtle_blocks_plugin.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* rename taprimitive.py to more appropriate tapalette.pyWalter Bender2011-03-051-1/+1
* made add_block a method of PaletteWalter Bender2011-03-051-476/+465
* moving make_palette calls inside individual palette construction methods as p...Walter Bender2011-03-041-12/+17
* deprecated...Walter Bender2011-03-031-4/+4
* reinstated depreciated portfolio blocksWalter Bender2011-03-031-74/+78
* remove requirement to include setup, start, stop, et al. methodsWalter Bender2011-03-031-16/+1
* updated license to gplWalter Bender2011-03-031-18/+14
* naming arguments to make_paletteWalter Bender2011-03-031-9/+14
* added make_palette helper functionWalter Bender2011-03-031-13/+9
* pylint cleanupWalter Bender2011-03-031-56/+55
* synched userdefined block names with those hardwired into tawindowWalter Bender2011-03-031-4/+4
* removed 'see' from value blocks listWalter Bender2011-03-021-5/+4
* using helper method to generate block primitivesWalter Bender2011-03-021-530/+475
* added missing help stringWalter Bender2011-03-021-29/+33
* fixed some i18n stringsWalter Bender2011-03-021-2/+12
* reinstated list block; more cleaning upWalter Bender2011-03-021-1/+46
* refactoring of palette and block generation: a class for each palette and blo...Walter Bender2011-03-011-0/+1202