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path: root/pysamples/load_block.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* FLAG DAY: passing TurtleWindow instead of LogoCode instance as 1st argumentWalter Bender2011-03-211-25/+26
* Avoid computing the x and y twiceRaul Gutierrez Segales2011-02-271-2/+4
* enab;e setting defaultsv106Walter Bender2011-02-271-22/+38
* pep8 cleanupWalter Bender2011-02-261-2/+1
* load multiple blocks at onceWalter Bender2011-02-261-26/+36
* doing the extra work of docking the block and disassociating the mouseWalter Bender2011-02-261-0/+21
* python sample code for loading a block from the palette onto the canvasWalter Bender2011-02-251-0/+38