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path: root/samples
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* adding shape and colors game to samplesWalter Bender2009-08-181-0/+1
* added nbWalter Bender2009-04-0127-0/+9069
* adding samples libraries for de sl svWalter Bender2009-02-2881-0/+27207
* adjustment to pt svgsWalter Bender2009-02-2020-6300/+0
* adding sample directory for languagesWalter Bender2009-02-20108-0/+36276
* removing png files for sample projectsWalter Bender2009-02-13214-0/+0
* adding sample library for fi, fr, mn, pt, ru, and trWalter Bender2009-02-13324-0/+54414
* finishing up merge from TAPortfolioWalter Bender2009-02-12104-0/+1395
* modified: TurtleArtActivity.pywalter bender2008-10-2938-0/+0
* Add five new samples: various fractals, drawn with simple recursion.C. Scott Ananian2008-09-1010-0/+2715
* Improved graphicsU-BRIAN-X60\Brian Silverman2007-12-0321-1782/+1853
* multiple instances run properlyU-BRIAN-X60\Brian Silverman2007-11-162-0/+491
* added journal awarenessU-BRIAN-X60\Brian Silverman2007-08-3034-1719/+1712
* added Sugar toolbarU-BRIAN-X60\Brian Silverman2007-07-2614-7/+609
* Initial importBrian Silverman2007-05-3034-0/+4038