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path: root/sprites.py
Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* fixed collapsible block regressionWalter Bender2010-03-031-4/+4
* moving color to canvasWalter Bender2010-03-021-1/+2
* skins scale properlyWalter Bender2010-02-131-8/+3
* taking into account dx,dy in calculating sprite sizeWalter Bender2010-02-121-12/+11
* eliminated obsolete constantsWalter Bender2010-02-111-0/+6
* fixed font-scaling bug for growing/shrinking blocksWalter Bender2010-02-071-3/+2
* early version of highlighter codeWalter Bender2010-02-051-6/+12
* fixed text entry/label display problemWalter Bender2010-02-041-2/+6
* bits of cleaning here and thereWalter Bender2010-02-021-2/+2
* adding portfolio blocksWalter Bender2010-01-311-0/+2
* adding multimedia supportWalter Bender2010-01-301-6/+14
* fixed get pixel bugWalter Bender2010-01-301-2/+2
* added support for multi-image spritesWalter Bender2010-01-301-20/+24
* palette hide buttonWalter Bender2010-01-291-6/+12
* added comment explaining how to use the packageWalter Bender2010-01-271-0/+52
* added restore from trashWalter Bender2010-01-261-0/+6
* fixed most of the project-loading problemsWalter Bender2010-01-261-2/+2
* toolbar palettes--a beginningWalter Bender2010-01-251-0/+3
* fixed logic problems in tawindowWalter Bender2010-01-241-7/+11
* expandable blocks :)Walter Bender2010-01-231-3/+3
* label marginsWalter Bender2010-01-231-16/+26
* moved connections to blkWalter Bender2010-01-231-5/+0
* more transistioning from spr to blk, but lots broken at the momentWalter Bender2010-01-221-75/+81
* fixed findsprite bugWalter Bender2010-01-211-2/+3
* minor tweaking to chase down refresh bugWalter Bender2010-01-211-9/+12
* more sprite fixesWalter Bender2010-01-201-0/+2
* more label mungingWalter Bender2010-01-201-1/+8
* catching problem with labelsWalter Bender2010-01-201-10/+10
* broken sprites, but closer to working?Walter Bender2010-01-201-3/+7
* refactoring svg generationWalter Bender2010-01-161-0/+244
* multiple instances run properlyU-BRIAN-X60\Brian Silverman2007-11-161-120/+0
* Initial importBrian Silverman2007-05-301-0/+120