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authorAntoine van Gelder <antoine@g7.org.za>2008-01-13 12:06:43 (GMT)
committer Antoine van Gelder <antoine@g7.org.za>2008-01-13 12:06:43 (GMT)
commit8e1c3f9f01edf01e544514056ad5ef4dffb362c7 (patch)
treeb234e99b1391d6c875a5268d622be29d0436be63 /AUTHORS
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* Widget rendering
** Fix: Widgets not rendering on first expose on XO hardware *** XO Hardware doesn't like GtkButton::inner-border property in gtkrc ** Fix: Background color of sound selector is black on XO hardware *** XO Hardware sets default widget background of RoundBox to black for some reason ** Fix: Lesson plans are being opened as text by AbiWord on XO hardware *** Abiword is now quite insistent upon application/x-abiword. * Fix: Cursor now changes to hand icon when over sound selector * Added: AUTHORS file * Fix: Modified copyright header on source files
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