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authorAntoine van Gelder <antoine@g7.org.za>2007-10-30 20:45:00 (GMT)
committer Antoine van Gelder <antoine@g7.org.za>2007-10-30 20:45:00 (GMT)
commitf67a1150e9f23c8b23e83b10cc97b2a43d59215f (patch)
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* Feature: If no sound set, play default sound: laugh_attack.au
* Fixed: Activity icon now adopts users color scheme * Fixed: Temp directory now rooted off activity.get_activity_root() * Fixed: Moved locale/ dir back to po/ * Fixed: Temp filenames now created using more secure tempfile.mkstemp() * i18n: Changed pot files to utf-8
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= To Do =
-* Figure out why only alerts are being translated
+* Figure out why only alerts are being translated
* Double check that all strings are gettexted
* Use hippo.PACK_EXPAND to get rid of hardcoded sizes
* Get a fix on memory useage
* Create and set activity_version property for persistence.JokeMachineState.version
* Split unit.py out into separate test cases
-* Refactor Page.make_* infrastructure
+* Sundry refactors
+* Figure out a safe way to clean out /activity_root/tmp on startup
* Things waiting for the journal to settle
** Filter ObjectChooser to only list images/audio -> https://dev.laptop.org/ticket/3060
** Create sample Jokebooks in the journal on bundle installation
+** Insert sample laugh tracks into the journal on bundle installation
** Fold image/image_blob into a single property
** Fold sound/sound_blob into a single property
** Bring up the last Jokebooks instead of starting from scratch when started from the frame
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= Known Problems =
* i18n is only translating alerts at the moment for some strange reason
-* AudioPlayer dumps files into /tmp which may be problematic for security system
* Deprecating theme_widget() for custom gtkrc fixes language combo but there are now faint hints of Irish in the activity frame :)