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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* Release version 10.v10trial-3John (J5) Palmieri2007-09-1921-690/+787
* Release version 9.v9Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-1411-10/+12
* Correcting MANIFEST.Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-141-20/+20
* Release version 8.v8Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-143-3/+25
* modifying the translation archivesNathalia Sautchuk Patricio2007-09-1419-0/+0
* Changed some private attributes into public ones and vice-versa (OficinaActiv...Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-134-87/+68
* Activity icon changed. Cleanup NEWS fileAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-134-27/+30
* Many internal changes in palettes; size now is only choosen inside tool paletteAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-124-430/+468
* Bug #3320 fixed; Default tab now is 'Tools'Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-1227-1945/+2182
* Tools Toolbar modified (it is the only one for now)Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-112-71/+255
* Squashed commit of the following:Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-09-104-40/+121
* Correcting a Label stringAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-241-1/+1
* Minor modifications on PalettesAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-244-180/+262
* Text tool improved.Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-244-7/+30
* Bug #2147 fixed.Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-243-5/+16
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://dev.laptop.org/git/projects/oficinaAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-233-38/+43
| * Release version 7.v7John (J5) Palmieri2007-08-232-1/+3
| * Build as Paint not oficina and clean up NEWS fileJohn (J5) Palmieri2007-08-232-36/+38
| * Release version 6.v6John (J5) Palmieri2007-08-232-5/+3
* | User can choose to fill or not tools in 'Shapes' ToolbarAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-233-116/+290
* Modifications on selection and gelection bounds (by pekayatt)Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-213-20/+32
* Added 'Clear' button on Edit ToolbarAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-214-23/+113
* New Paint (oficina) version: 5v5Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-208-275/+264
* Module toolbox.py modified due to modifications in Sugar PaletteAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-171-17/+55
* Adding heartNathalia Sautchuk Patricio2007-08-174-10/+64
* modifing some functions: square, circle, selectionnathalia2007-08-173-97/+208
* adding chinese translationnathalia2007-08-162-0/+4
* add korean name translationnathalia2007-08-141-0/+2
* add regular polygon and rearranging functionsnathalia2007-08-133-181/+192
* Newsnathalia2007-08-131-0/+1
* Activity name translationsnathalia2007-08-134-0/+8
* Dummy modifications on MANIFEST and NEWSAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-106-11/+26
* Now paste and copy are integrated to Sugar (by pekayatt)Alexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-082-31/+50
* Minor changes in toolbox moduleAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-081-32/+22
* Minor changes when using signals 'undo' and 'redo' in module AreaAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-084-12/+25
* New signals added in Area.py: undo & redoAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-08-067-34/+119
* translations addednathalia2007-07-3120-1204/+2141
* Changed activity MANIFESTAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-07-30154-5018/+44
* Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://dev.laptop.org/git/projects/oficinaAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-07-271-6/+9
| * Fixed some new bugs on Undopekayatt2007-07-271-6/+9
* | Colors choosen from a ColorButtonAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-07-271-0/+1
* | Colors now are choosen from a ColorButtonAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-07-274-176/+147
* Changed NATE web page linkAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-07-264-4/+4
* Adjust in Undo/Redo functions, now we have a limit (on 10 times)pekayatt2007-07-252-23/+12
* New past and copy funcions, improvments on selection funcpekayatt2007-07-256-342/+120
* Bugs fixed, new functions added, existing functions changedManusheel2007-07-24189-2232/+3692
* New SVG Icon, name of project changed to paint and bugs fixedManusheel2007-07-18291-0/+9429
* Initial importManusheel Gupta2007-07-181-0/+0