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Commit message (Expand)AuthorAgeFilesLines
* fix OLPC #10446 - Paint: section shapes - the cursor looks like a house for a...Gonzalo Odiard2010-11-171-0/+0
* remove images what are not used anymoreGonzalo Odiard2010-10-202-0/+0
* add custom icons for line, freeform and polygon (#2338)Ayush Goyal2010-10-133-0/+0
* Changed cursors to be more similar to standard Sugar cursorsGonzalo Odiard2010-06-0915-0/+0
* Changed activity MANIFESTAlexandre Antonino Gonçalves Martinazzo2007-07-3037-442/+0
* Bugs fixed, new functions added, existing functions changedManusheel2007-07-24114-527/+143
* New SVG Icon, name of project changed to paint and bugs fixedManusheel2007-07-18102-0/+826